Oh Hai! Go See Me!


January 18, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Today I did a guest post here, at autismwonderland. I consider it my finest accomplishment. Well, I like it well enough, so you should go read it anyways. You know, after you’re done reading here.

Second day off in a row for Bugaboo. Yesterday, Bug Boy spent the day at his “twin” cousin’s house so Bugaboo and I stayed in jammies forever and cuddled on the couch and enjoyed each other for most of the day (except the part where he woke up from 1am to 5am, I didn’t enjoy that part so much). Until he started stimming like crazy, took four showers and went bonkers at bedtime. Then we woke up to two inches of snow, an inch of sleet, and rain and freezing rain on top of that. So, naturally, Bugaboo’s school got cancelled. Most of the roads were horrendous. But Bug Boy? School today. Which is kinda good, except that even walking across the street to the bus stop was all, “WTF NEW SUPERINTENDENT? CANCEL SCHOOL!” And I get it, really I get it. We don’t want to have to make up days. And we’re kinda spoiled, since last year we had four feet of snow in two days and stuff.

So today? Second day in a row? Bugaboo has eaten dry instant breakfast out of a packet, a few handfuls of coffee grounds and some sugar. And a variety of other things, I’m sure, I just haven’t gotten off the couch to find out, ’cause I kinda don’t wanna know. I’m thinking of posting pictures of the job he did in the basement, completely with markers all over the walls and carpet and himself. It’s a good thing it’s just a playroom and I can shut the door. Oy.

Maybe it’s a good thing I’m taking a medication that I cannot imbibe with.


2 thoughts on “Oh Hai! Go See Me!

  1. leafprobably says:

    Coffee grounds?? Whoa. That’s a kid committed to killing his taste buds!

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