January 4, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Once in a while I go back and read tons of posts from the last five (GULP. Almost six!) years I’ve been doing this shiz. Apparently I’ve regressed evolved as a writer. I used to write nearly exclusively about dogs, poo and my backyard. And autism. Sometimes. In that order. I realized I don’t write about dogs, poo and my backyard nearly as much these days.

The reason we should have gotten a King-sized bed for Christmas. And he's not even four feet tall yet.

Lately, poo hasn’t been that much of a problem. Except for the fact that while Bugaboo is potty trained (for pee) and in underwear all day, he puts a pull up on himself to poo. Soooo frustrating for Mommy.We’ll get it eventually. Especially since I know he know when he goes.  If he can poo on the potty as an incentive to go to the pool? He can do it.I just need to find a new incentive. Like a canister of salt to stim on, since it’s currently all over my living room and dining room carpet. And the basement carpet. And his bedroom. Salt, who knew it was so much fun?

Dogs? I haven’t talked much about ’em. I know. The holidays made me sad a wee bit because Shad Roe the wonder dog loved the Christmas tree and as I put it up (and took it down) I was sad I wasn’t kicking her out-of-the-way while I walked around the tree. I mean, I didn’t REALLY kick her. I’d never actually kick a dog.  I mean…oh, never mind. So…dogs…

You think she's cute and cuddly but..she's got...POINTY TEETH!

Backyard? Snow is melting which means the dogs are bringing half the contents of the yard in on their paws. Super Happy Fun Time. Bristol is easy, since she is a lab mix and short-haired and dries in about thirty seconds. Crazy Daisy is a Border Collie, which means she has long, silky hair and she comes in the house COMPLETELY DRENCHED. Like, she’s half black and the white half is brown. And she, like her predecessor Shadow, just LERVES bathing!  YEAH! Certainly doesn’t try to jump out covered in soap and shake it off and have it dripping down the walls or anything!azy Daisy is currently running up and down the fence to yap at every car that goes by and Bristol and Daisy bring half the contents of the yard get tracked in on their paws.  Super happy fun time. Nope, not her! But I guess soapy water is better than the mud she shakes off on my family room floor. And curtains. And couch. Thank heavens for leather.

Guess I'll just sit here...and...zzzzz

And Autism? Well, since I live, eat and breathe it each and every day? I think you hear quite a bit about that. Today, for example, autism was FUN! Bugaboo had eleven days off in a row for Christmas break and is VERY HAPPY to go back to school. Or maybe he’s just happy to ride his bus for three hours a day, because he loves, loves, loves school buses. And lucky us! We live on the corner in town where EVERY SINGLE bus stops. And the past two mornings he was up at 5am, dressed and ready to go and waiting for the bus. At the front door. At 6am. And his bus comes at 7:25. And this morning? We had to sit outside from 7 until the bus arrived. AWESOMESAUCE.


Here I am, talking about the same shiz I talked about nearly six years ago. And yet folks keep coming back. Thank you for that. I must be doing something right. Either that or it’s like a bad train wreck and you can’t help but peek at the carnage as you drive by. Or it’s like the Titanic and you want to watch the ship sink since you know what happens at the end anyway. Or you just want a front row seat for my brand of crazy, ’cause it’s better than the movies. And cheaper, too! Just pull up a chair and bring your own bag of popcorn!

Yeah, I’ve evolved as a writer. *SNORT*

2 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. pkzcass says:

    Yup, I keep coming back for more poo, dirty dogs, autism, and now salt (I LOVE salt). So there. Keep evolving please.

  2. Veronica says:

    I recently discovered your blog, and I must say I love it. I enjoy your brand of crazy, perhaps because it’s so close to my own.

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