Goodbye 2010, Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Arse

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December 31, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

I’m glad this year is almost over. Even though there have been some really great high points, tons of stuff happened this year that will make it easy to put behind me this year. As I skimmed over my posts from this year, looking for things to say about the end of 2010 (and the beginning of 2011), I realized a few things. Life comes and goes in waves. Like the tides. It’s a roller coaster. Up. Down. Up. Down (quick, name that movie). Mostly UP but the downs this year…UGH. DOWN. Hades Down. Boo.

So what happened this year?

Bugaboo finished out his first year at his new school.Bugaboo’s school is nothing short of amazing.

Bugaboo tried a new med to help with the biting. It didn’t work. Bugaboo stopped taking the med.

Bugaboo jumped out of a moving car. Mommy and Daddy bought a car restraint.

DG was diagnosed with Asthma after an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. Whoopsy.

Our beloved Shadow died and left us very sad.We miss her tons.

Then we got a crazy puppy because Bristol missed her so much. And now we have Crazy Daisy.

DG made a tear-jerker of a video.

DG started a blog about dogs. DG neglected the blog about dogs.

DG’s husband traveled to Europe. Several times. Twice while I had a herniated disc.

DG became Home and School President. Because DG haz nothing better to do.

DG began writing on other websites. For money, even. Sometimes.

Bug Boy started wearing glasses.

Bug Boy broke his glasses.

Bug Boy got new glasses.

Bug Boy lost his glasses.

Mommy and Daddy bought better glasses.

Mommy and Daddy bought a new patio to replace the mudpit. Thank heavens.

The Guy I Live With stabbed himself accidentally with an epipen.

We got a trampoline for Bugaboo. BEST. INVENTION. EVER.

Our soon-to-be-new-neighbors (now the neighbors we NEVER see) left a toilet on the lawn for three weeks. THREE.

DG Trained to run a 5K and got really, really good at it. Then…

DG herniated not ONE but TWO! SACRAL! DISCS!

DG didn’t run her first 5K. DG may never run again. DG may get surgery. DG will find out January 10th.

DG watched forty-three dogs this year. FORTY. THREE. DOGS. Not at once. That would have been chaotic. Not that six dogs and four feet of snow are chaotic. Nooooooooo.

DG and her husband bought a new car. Now they have two identical minivans. White ones. The same year. Huh?

That was some year.

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