And This is Why I Like Mondays Better

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December 13, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Ah weekends, how I loathe thee. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE having time to spend with my kids and I like the fact that we aren’t rushing to get out of the house to go anywhere. It’s just that…stuff happens on the weekend. You know, stressful stuff. Like, well, I’ll tell you.

Bug Boy turned ten Friday and that was awesome. Saturday was a fun day filled with therapy, hair cuts and the husband spending four hours sucking up leaves and raking. Which means I, with a hernaited disc, couldn’t get a whole heckuva lot done. And Bug Boy was having a few buddies over to watch a movie and eat too much pizza. So I had to get it all ready myself. And then we had the party and everyone was happy and they ate pizza and watched Percy Jackson and two of the boys had me in stitches over how disappointed they were in the movie compared to the book (ah, autism) and I got a lecture on Greek and Roman Mythology from another. And with five minutes to go with the movie, a woman appeared at the door. I thought it was one of their moms and thought she was early. Until I realized it was my neighbor two doors down, coming to tell me that Bugaboo was on the back porch of the brand-new neighbor next door. And by the time I got outside he had gone in the house, freaked out because it was different then he remembered it from our old neighbors (new furniture, floors, etc) and then stood screaming and clawing at the front door because it was locked and he couldn’t get out. The new neighbors were not home (thank goodness). The Guy I Live With got him out of the house through the back door but we STILL cannot figure out how the heck he got out. The doors were all locked when my neighbor came to the door to tell us he was out. Still a mystery. I’m thinking either he’s morphing through walls now or he’s discovered teleportation. Which will come in handy for me.

Sunday we drove to a different state (twenty minutes away we have Delaware!) to buy insulation (tax-free shopping) because the husband realized that we had twenty-four hours until the deadline to take advantage of a certain gov’t rebate and store rebate at a certain large home improvement chain that isn’t called High’s. And Bug Boy finally saved enough money and gift cards to buy his OWN DSiXL. Meaning, we didn’t buy it for him. Meaning, the second he discovered he had enough Benjamins (or Abe Lincolns, as the case may be) he had to go RIGHT OUT to buy it. In Delaware. Again. Because, you know, no tax? Anywho, that was an adventure. Bugaboo out of sorts and sobbing in the shopping cart, Mr. Moneybags Bug Boy walking around perusing the selection (Hmmm, red? Or black? Or white.  Decisions, decisions…) and the husband is itchy to get over to the large home improvement store to get said insulation because, you know, he has to buy it before tomorrow because REBATES. And it’s Sunday after church. Which means everyone in the tri-state area is out shopping at the Store with the Red Bullseye and it’s holiday time and…yeah. FUN.

And then there’s December Monsoon 2010, which also means Small Border Collies Covered in Mud. Which means she brings the mud IN. Which means the other dog won’t set foot outside because she’s insane and has accidents in the house. On the carpet I just steamed.

And last night I didn’t set the alarm, waking up with twenty minutes to spare to get Bugaboo dressed, get his meds, pack his lunch and get him on the bus. Which was a few minutes early.

I love my life sometimes.


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