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December 3, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

You know what’s awesome? When a week goes better than you thought it would.

The Guy I Live With is home safe and sound from London (though he goes to Belgium next week. Sigh). He brought me tea. Apparently he knows me well. He knows my name is DG and I’m addicted to tea.

I went to Bug Boy’s conference (after missing the one last week) and the teacher and I chatted about how well he is doing, the few areas he truly needs improvement and what we hope for him to do this year. He is exceeding expectations, is above grade level, and as the teacher put it, is “an excellent student.” Basically, my boy is smaht. Don’t know where he gets it.  But…and there’s always a BUT. He needs to slow down, check his work and stop trying to be done first so that he can go read a book while everyone else finishes. Great reason, isn’t it? As I told the teacher, it’s a great problem to have but the boy reads TOO MUCH. Yes, there is such a thing. He’s halfway through eating and he’s distracted by a book. His pants are at his ankles waiting to be pulled up and he’s reading a book. He’s watching tv…with a book on his lap. Really. Not fooling. Also? Next week he’s ten. TEN. How in the world did that happen? ABSOSMURFLY AMAZING.

Bugaboo had an excellent week. He seems so much more interactive and in tune with us. and then the other night, another stellar example of how autism can be fun: Bugaboo found his presents. As in, his birthday/Christmas present (he hates opening new things and doesn’t get much). It was this gi-huge-ic therapy toy and it cost $$$ but I know he’ll enjoy it. He walked into the kitchen while I made dinner, dragging a box, which I noticed was his gift. I was all *$#&#^# and thought, “Oh well. It’s only three weeks. He can play with it.” and then watched him open the box, take a look at what was inside, cast it aside AND PLAY WITH THE BOX FOR OVER AN HOUR. Then he woke up and played with it more. And came home from school and played with it more. I’m thinking of returning the $$$ toy and keeping the box. More useful.

The last guest doggy goes home this weekend after a 2-week-plus stint and I actually wanna keep this one. He does well with other doggies and fits in. I’m thinking his owners want him back but I loves him. And he’s a male dog! I usually dislike male dogs! Go figure!

I have been keeping up with stuff around my house. Like, actually getting housework AND laundry AND cooking AND writing done. Who knew? I might actually be able to pull this off! And I didn’t miss any appointments this week! I have to knock that off, though, because then I’ll actually be domestic and stuff and that’s not cool.

And so dear Internets, now it’s your turn. Give me updates. Also, I’m attempting to update my blog roll so if you’re reading, please comment and gimme your blawg address, even if you think I have it, because I lost everything in a computer fire and I’m clawing my way back. Kidding, it was a fourth grader who downloaded crap and crashed my computer but SAME THING, really.

Later, taters.

2 thoughts on “Awesome Sauce

  1. Becca says:

    Came over here for Uppercase woman.

    Your reader sounds like me. I used to get in trouble for reading during school with a book on my lap under the desk. But, i read my way through highschool on the honor roll and passed driver’s ed (march break 8-hour-a-day intensive hell) without listening at all.

  2. We have the rushing to be done first issue too.

    I got to sit through a boring presentation on how to use this cool new software and web cam so we can record the kids when we’re not in the room for ABA. Yeah. Now when one makes the other squawk and he says, “He did it.” We can review the footage. It’s going to be awesome (at least for us parents).

    Blog address is – since you asked n all.

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