Well, How About Them Apples


December 2, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

The writing gig is going well and I’m enjoying it immensely. I love doing it, never thought I’d do it in my wildest dreams and HEY! I’m learning to ignore comments! AWESOME! Because, apparently people either completely ignore what you say so that they can be rude and vehemently disagree with you no matter what you say OR they misunderstand what you write.

My workstation. And my scary, pasty size 9W feet.

Or I’m just a terrible writer and don’t know how to reach an audience. Since I have STELLAR social skills, I’m going with this.

Anyways, it seems like when you write something nice and cheerful, people will read it but not necessarily comment on it. And when you write something controversial, people will tell you that you know NOTHING about your own body, your children or anything about life at all. In fact, they’ll tell you that you are a moron and that you are dangerous and are going to scare people.

Me. Scary. WHO KNEW?

Because, apparently, pasty, almost-red-head SAHM’s are scaaaarrrrrry. Those eternally optimistic, glass-always-full, perky, happy people! THE NERVE.

But? Some people tell me I bring the FUNNAY. Which is nice to hear, since I’m not trying to be funny, really. I mean, I’m trying to find humor in all situations. But Breastfeeding! NOT FUNNAY! STOP IT, YOU SCARE PEOPLE!  And C-SECTIONS! OMGWTFBBQ!  Those people are militant sometimes! And! Talking about your autistic kid’s fashion sense! SHALLOW! TURNING YOUR KID INTO A BILLBOARD!

But, I’m still enjoying it. I’m getting an outlet, which is fabulous. People are sharing my articles and they are popping up in unlikely places, which also rocks. And, I get paid, which is, shall I say, lucrative. It’s a nice thing, really. Doing something fun, that you enjoy and get paid for? Not many people can claim it.

And I still don’t know exactly how they found me. But, I’m glad they did. Uh huh. And I’m sure the guy I live with is liking the extra digits in the bank account.

So. To ensure I still add those extra digits to the bank account, so I can save up for an iPad for my non-verbal kid to perform a Christmas Miracle because I don’t qualify for any of the damn grants (not to make you feel guilty, but hey, it’s true). Do me a favor?

Keep reading me over THERE. (cafeMom/The Stir)

Follow me HERE. (@thedgoddess on the Twitters)

And Like me HERE. (shameless Facebook page plug)

Because all the (not) cool kids are doing it and it’ll make you feel good…good…good…and you know, if you wanna tell your friends? Or share it or something, that’s okay, too.

And I promise not to neglect this blawg. As soon as I learn some time management skills.

2 thoughts on “Well, How About Them Apples

  1. the18hourmom says:

    You are the fun next-door-neighbor I wish I had. Keep it coming!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Have you ever read “Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords”? — the writer’s daughter has a very rare disability (300 in world). He turned his blog into a book, which is worth a read. But my point — and there is one — is that he has gotten lots and lots of angry comments, emails, letters, phone calls, and even face2face anger over the years. He needed money to buy her ACC and really fell on his sword when he ask blog readers for money. Anyway he is funny, sarcastic, but always loving about his “broken child” —- btw they continue to send hate to him about calling her broken. you can find him @ just thought you might find him intersting read.

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