High School Reunion


November 28, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Last night was our twentieth high school reunion for my all-girls Catholic High School.

Twenty years go by faster than I thought. Holy Stinking Crud, it was like being in a time warp.  People changed so much and yet they looked EXACTLY the same.

Well, except. We grew up in the eighties, so there was a seriously lack of gravity-defying hair and aquanet. Which is a good thing, yo. There’s still a hole in the ozone layer on the hill above our school. Just sayin’.

There was also a serious lack of ex boyfriends from high school. Which is also a good thing, yo.  Except I wanted to be all, “HI! I LOOK AWESOME AND YOU DON’T” because some of ’em dumped me. So there. Kidding, I’d never say it. But I’d think it because I’m lame and shallow like that.

Also? The things we were worried about in high school were hair, boys, hair, boys, boys and the prom themes (Forever Young for Soph Hop? BUT THEY TALK ABOUT A BOMB IN THAT!  Can’t decide between Say Hello Goodbye for the Senior? DO BOTH! Say Hello Goodbye to the Best of Times!). Now? We’re worried about jobs, mortgages and our hair falling OUT.

I saw some friends that I haven’t seen in, well, twenty years. And I missed friends that I haven’t seen in twenty years and wish I did see last night (Thank you, facebook, for keeping me in touch with them). I also saw people who gave me the same look they gave me in high school (OH MY GAH SHE IS INSANE). It might have been the fact that I was hawking 50/50s to benefit scholarship funds. Maybe that’s why they ran away. Hmm.

But, what I realized? As cliche as it sounds, the more things change, the more they remain the same. The same happy, fun-loving folks I knew in high school are still happy and fun-loving. There were a few sad stories, a few folks that have already passed away and a few divorces. There were people I was not surprised about (TECH NERDS,like, HELLO! Not surprised!) and a few I didn’t recognize because they looked so damn fabulous. Life is strange, y’all.

Funniest part? The amount of people who approached me and said, “OMG! I love your blawg! I love your writing!” and “I feel like I know everything about you!” which is true because I’m an attention whore and i have to put my life on the Internets for everyone to read. Kidding. I’m not an attention whore. I like to hide behind my ‘puter and pretend I have better social skills than I do.

Something that would surprise people to find out about me? How have I changed in twenty years?  Believe it or not, big crowds and social gathering make me really uncomfortable. I get nervous, overly chatty and jittery. Which is how I am in everyday life, so no major stretch there. Except I’m sure I annoyed the Aitch EE Double Hockey Sticks out of people.

Or maybe I didn’t. Lack of social skills prevents me from really knowing. But I still had a good time, people told me I looked FABULOUS (I do love my new RED hair. It’s not grey.) and I felt good about myself. I could walk in there proudly and tell people I’m a writer/dog sitter/babysitter/tutor/Card-carrying member of the too-stupid-to-say-no-club. Because I’m proud of who I am and how I got here. It might not have been the same way everyone else did it but that’s okay. Because it’s me.

I love being me.

The big revelation of the evening? I love myself. I can finally say that. I am comfortable being me. I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for a second. Sure, I wish I could do more fun things (like ski, run a 5K, read a book) but I like being me. I like living my life. I have it good, y’all. Great husband, fabulous kids, great neighborhood and schools, supportive family, everything I could possibly want.


One thought on “High School Reunion

  1. I loved going to my high school reunion. I had worked up the nerve to roll my eyes emphatically for the past ten years at someone I
    hated in high school, and I accomplished that. And it was wonderful to not have to pretend to like anyone. It was great therapy.

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