The Evolution of Occupations


November 23, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Bug Boy, like all boys, changes his mind every five seconds when it comes to what he wants to be when he “grows up.” We have gotten a variety of answers over the past few years.

When he was three to five years old he only wanted to be A DAD (Awwwwww).

When he was five to seven, he wanted to be a policeman, like his uncle (and, they are two peas in a pod, so I can totally see this. IN other words, I AM RAISING MY BROTHER).

When he was seven to nine he wanted to be either a professional video games tester (autistic kid likes video games? NO WAY) or a professional skateboarder (he has never ridden one, for the record).

While Daddy took apart our washer, Bug Boy deconstructed our old, dead computer

Tonight he walked into the room, and mister physics dot com slash tech nerd announced he wanted to be an electrical engineer. I can totally see this, since he and my husband take things apart for a living. Well, not really but OK THEY TAKE EVERYTHING APART, MMKAY? That’s my point. Sheesh.In fact, as I type, they are in the basement RIGHT NOW taking apart my washer. Which is about five years old. And the biggest piece of CRAP ever. And when we bought them, everyone was all, “OMG FRONT LOADERS!” and I think they suck hairy rocks. But I’m going off on a tangent.

My four-year-old DEAD washer. No more front loaders. EVER.

Point? Bug Boy will be a good electrical engineer. And he needs to go all the way and get a PhD so he can be a doctor. Because our last name would sound great with “doctor” in front of it.

Also? Perhaps I should figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I kinda know. Since Ian started taking music therapy I have fallen in love with it and decided I want to go back and get a Master’s in music therapy, since I already have my undergrad in Special Ed (and I graduated with 67 extra credits because I changed my major four times, but that’s a different story for a different day).

Anyways, I’d love it. I play a few instruments, love to sing, love kids and have a background in special ed. I can see myself doing this.  Now all I need is about $20,000 per year to go back to school. Can you hook a sister up?

5 thoughts on “The Evolution of Occupations

  1. I think I want to be an alcoholic when I grow up. I mean, not so much the addicted part that ruins your liver…morelike the type that
    gets to just be buzzed all the time. By then we won’t even have ovens and grocery stores. We will just order everything online to be
    delivered, so I won’t have to worry about drunk driving. 😉
    Is it still Monday???

  2. Childlife says:

    LOL! 😀 I had to stop by and see what your little guy has been up to since you dropped in at Magic Marker Monday with your lovely comment and I’m so glad I did.

    I totally relate to the guys “taking things apart for a living”… happens a lot around our place.

    The taking things apart part.

    The putting things back together part… not so much.

    Thanks for stopping by Magic Marker Monday!

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN

  3. Rebecca says:

    Just sayin’ — my brother took EVERYTHING apart and he graduated from Georgia Tech (5th in his class) as an electrical engineer. Besides, the nickname for EEs is “Sparky” So when your son is too old to call him Bug Boy, you can call him “Sparky”—- how cool is that!

  4. You are so funny and I totally agree with you. Just last week paid 80$ bucks for stupid part on front load washer that ripped new shirts and still wont pump out the fabric softner. They are so over rated. You boy looks like he is going what my boys have done too watch out items all over the whole house.

  5. pkzcass says:

    This has nothing to do with growing up, etc., but I just noticed that I have the EXACT same front loading washer as you do in the pic. Crap! Can I expect it to die soon?

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