Overheard in Tarzhay’s Dressing Room


November 11, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

I stopped by Tarzhay (OF COURSE) and couldn’t resist trying on a few cute little black dresses that do not make me cute, nor do they make me little. There was a group of ladies trying on all manner of crazy stylish teenager-type stuff and they were laughing up a storm and having a blast.

You can’t help but overhear some of what they were saying. I mean, I didn’t have any kids screaming “I’M HUNGRY. YOU’RE MEAN BECAUSE YOU WON’T BUY THAT. WAAAAH!” so what else was I supposed to do? Enjoy the silence(really? Oh, gotcha.)? Anyways:

This faux fur makes me look like a trailer-trash hooker with no teeth. I bet it’s made out of real dogs.

I’m glad I got those shorts, it’s supposed to be nice this weekend.

Shorts? They ain’t shorts. Those are coochy cutters. Shorts don’t show all of your biznizz to everyone.

Hmmm…I like this shirt. It’s comfy, looks like a pajama top though. Can you wear this in public or is it for a day off-type of outfit?

It looks like pajamas alright. Pajama porno outfit. Like something you’d wear right before shooting a porno.

I think I should get a size smaller so my boobs look bigger.

Why bother? You can see how small your boobs are right through that shirt.

This reminds me. I think I should go on a grrrlz clothing-buying trip.  Just for laughs.  Although sitting in a dressing room with my hand clapped over my mouth so I don’t laugh and let them know I heard their entire conversation was fun, too.

5 thoughts on “Overheard in Tarzhay’s Dressing Room

  1. Sunday says:

    Fan-freaking-tastic! LOL

    I also like to go to lunch at this sushi place around the corner from me and listen to all the catty women talk trash about everyone they know…good times. LOL

  2. Elizabeth Young says:

    If you are looking for more good place to overhear conversations without trying hard is the SEPTA regional rail trains. People hold all kinds of conversations whether with other people on the train or on their cell phones. One woman was purchasing something and gave out her whole credit card number. The guy the other night was discussing different kinds on skin cancer. The best conversations always occur after the people get on at University City. I hear all kinds of conversations about patients and lab experiments.

  3. One of my BFFs and I go shopping together all the time and say the most ridiculous stuff to each other. We like to choose stuff for each other that we know would never be tried on otherwise. That’s how I ended up with a slutty schoolgirl shirt that ended up looking HOTT on me.

  4. kristastes says:

    Bahahaha awesome. Wanna go shopping?

  5. People listening is as fun as people watching. It’s like people think no one else can hear them in a dressing room. I’ve heard women carry on conversations like that in restaurant bathrooms too. If you’re really good, you can ignore your kids’ whines and listen to other ridiculousness at the same time. It’s a skill I learned from my in laws. We’d be at their house, and you could be sitting there trying to watch TV, and get a different conversation in each ear. Bonus points if you could participate as expected in both conversations and still follow what you’re watching.

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