Why I’m Happy It’s Today and Not Yesterday


November 3, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Today is better than yesterday.

The political calls and ads HAVE STOPPED.

My kid is back to school (schools + polling place = inservice).

Wednesdays are my free day to get done the stuff that I can’t get done the rest of the week.

I can stay in my jammies as long as I want. And I will.

I can take an actual real-live nap.

I had three children screaming at me and crying and whining while I tried my best to prepare an overly ambitious dinner for my anniversary that I no doubt should have prepared hours before.  Today there are no children crying because I AM ALONE. Until four o’clock.

I forgot to pick up Bug Boy’s script yesterday and he spent most of the day crying.  Oops. Bad Mommy.  Today I remembered to give it to him.

The husband was kinda grumpy because he had to walk into the Whine Factory last night. Today he is much happier.

The overly ambitious dinner was undercooked.  Though still tasty.

I have no appointments or errands I MUST run.

I can make leftovers for dinner and it takes two minutes to heat up.

I caught up with most of the housework and laundry.

I can have TWO cups of tea instead of one.

Today’s autism is much easier to deal with than yesterday’s autism.

‘Nuff said.


One thought on “Why I’m Happy It’s Today and Not Yesterday

  1. punkymama says:

    I am on that page with you….

    Why do we have FOUR holiday days in November. The lack of consistency is hard on us. Give us two weeks off or send us to school the day off, half day, day off the next week thing make me nuts.

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