Weekend? What Weekend?


November 1, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

I love it when Monday morning gets here faster than Bugaboo can strip his clothes off when he hears running water.  In other words, faster than the speed of light. We had another action-packed weekend.

Saturday was the usual soccer/therapy/errands tango, complete with yard work and baking for nephew’s confirmation party.  Which was on Halloween.  I’m guessing they wanted to ward off the evil spirits by having the kids receive the Holy Spirit on Halloween. Makes perfect sense to me.  Anyways, I made my first ever pumpkin pie fresh from an actual pumpkin and NO CAN. It was amazing. Of course it was!  Because I’m amazing!  I’m also quite modest.

Science Fiction Double Feature

Saturday night I went to Rocky Horror with my sis, friend, babysitter and babysitter’s friend. We got all kinds of dolled up with goofy tutus, tons of black makeup and blood-red lips.  We had a blast showering the audience and cast with cards, water guns, etc.  Rocky Horror is always a blast, thanks to audience participation. You’re actually EXPECTED to scream obscenities and nonsense at the actors, including singing and dancing along. This particular play version was BYOB, which meant some of the audience members were screaming the wrong stuff at the wrong time because they were a tad inebriated. And by a tad I mean I’m fairly certain they puked when they got to their car. Always a good time when the cast member on stage gives someone the finger because they won’t shut the Freak up.

Crazy Daisy

Sunday we had a doggy date first thing in the morning and then headed to the nephew’s well-timed confirmation. It’s always fun being at someone’s house with NO FENCE with Bugaboo. Even more fun?  Every house we go to visit he insists on taking a bath. If there is a bathtub he is SO THERE. And super-duper fun?  When he eats a ton of forbidden food because we’re at someone else’s house and there is allergy-laden stuff everywhere. Which means he stays up waaaaay past his bed time, has meltdowns  while we trick-or-treat and then spends the whole night tossing and turning in my bed, running down several times to get something to eat from the kitchen.  Good times.Nothing like an all-night autie Halloween party. In other news, did I mention how much I LERVE Halloween?

No Halloween is complete, of course, with me scrambling at the last minute to decorate, carve pumpkins and make costumes. As in, we carved the pumpkins at noon yesterday, headed to the party and came right back home to trick-or-treat.  The good news? Toasted Pumpkin seeds! YUMMY. The bad news?  One day to enjoy our jack o’lanterns before the squirrels gnaw them to pieces. Although this morning they are no doubt frozen solid because FROST!  IN PHILLY!  Finally, weather we’re supposed to get at the right time of year!  WOOO!

Whooooa, here she comes. Watch out Boy, she'll chew you up.

Jack Skellington came to visit last night.

Bug Boy's contribution: The universal power button. Mine:Transformers

Aaaaaand Toiletgate is still not over.  DAY TWENTY-FOUR AND COUNTING After three weeks of sitting under the tree, the new neighbors FINALLY moved the toilet on the front lawn!  HOORAY! I walked out to the car yesterday morning and happened to notice it isn’t there!  YEAH!  Except the moved the toilet to NEXT TO THE FRONT STEPS.  BOOOOOOOO!!!!!   Which means the toilet is still on the front lawn. The good news is they move in next weekend. Perhaps they’ll put it on the curb for trash pickup then?  And of course, I took pictures:

Day 9

Day 19. Notice they left other sh*t out, too.

Day 24. Today. If It's there tomorrow I'm planting flowers in it.

Maybe I should stop being passive aggressive and just call the borough already. Or stick a sign on it “Free Toilet”.  Heheh.  Ahem.

3 thoughts on “Weekend? What Weekend?

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow. That’s all I can say about that toilet. Love your pumpkins and Daisy too. Border Collie, right? I love them!

  2. The pumpkins are cool! We don’t carve them here since our squirrels eat them in about 10 seconds flat.

    Wouldn’t passive aggressive be more like putting a sign on the toilet that says, “Use me?”

  3. Blue Sky says:

    Lovin’ the toilet trail pictures: they look like a modern art installation lol

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