Hows About Them Plans?


October 21, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Naturally, because this is our yearly BIG WEEKEND AWAY, Bug Boy had to come down with a rotten cold and cough.  And naturally, because the stars are aligned and the moon is in line with Jupiter and Mars is tilting at a thirty degree angle, that means Bug Boy really has PNEUMONIA.  And naturally, I sent him to school for several days with a cough, telling him he was tired because he stays up too late reading books. Because I’m such a good parent. Ahem.

Happy Bug Boy

He forgives me. Honest. That's him smiling.

After we hit the peds office for a nebulizer treatment and an armful of scripts, we headed to Wawa (our Philly convenience-type place) to get sandwiches and there was this dude handing out business cards. Not one to be rude, I always smile and take the dang card. Except this one was for WEIGHT LOSS.  And I was wearing my new skinny jeans. Which leads me to one conclusion: I shouldn’t have worn my skinny jeans because it causes people to hand me weight loss cards outside of a convenience store.  Sigh.

And naturally, my house is a freaking mess (no, I mean it this time) and the floors are sticky and the rugs need to be vacuumed and the beds need to be made and my sisters are coming to stay with the boys for the weekend. I should probably think about having a place for them to sleep, yes?

And, of course, my back is still quite sore and I’m still walking at an angle and despite PT and chiro I’m not quite back to snuff yet.  And did I mention this is our yearly BIG WEEKEND AWAY?  The two of us? ALONE?  In a cabin in the middle of the woods?  And I’m bringing THINGS for when we SLEEP to make it more fun?  If my back is out, I don’t know if those THINGS will get used, know what I’m saying?  That sucks rocks. So back, do me a favor, stop hurting and make me walk straight again, mmkay?  My husband will surely appreciate it.

For crying out loud, Universe, could you cut me a break this weekend?  It’s our only chance to refresh and relax FOR THE WHOLE YEAR and has to last until next fall, yo.

The good news? I have leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge. For lunch. Just sayin’.

4 thoughts on “Hows About Them Plans?

  1. pkzcass says:

    Actually, the blog looks pretty good to me. I love the new header(?). Can’t wait to hear more about your new writing gig. And hopefully Bug Boy’s meds will kick in soon so that he feels better over the weekend. But who cares, because your sisters will be the ones losing sleep, not you!

  2. RuthWells says:

    Aw, sweetie. Want one of my darvocet for the weekend? Upside — it will help with the pain. Downside — it will make you sleepy…

  3. Suz says:

    Please Universe!! Please!! Fingers crossed for you!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think the jeans had anything to do with it. You still look great even if you aren’t at your ideal weight. You know I hand out my seamstress cards to everyone and their brother not just the people who look like they need them.

    Good luck with the weekend.

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