Things That Suck, Things I Love


October 13, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

I can’t sit for long periods of time at the moment and I’d love to update you on how my life is going  so here’s all I’ve got today.

Things that suck:

  • herniated discs and muscle spasms
  • Getting up at 2am after three hours of sleep
  • when my husband is out-of-town
  • when your computer is totally f*cked and you’re pretty sure you lost everything on it
  • pr0n (unless I’m in it)
  • People who lie, cheat and steal
  • People who hurt their kids are other people’s kids or any kids in general.
  • my carpets
  • My beloved Shadow died
  • My puppy only has three feet
  • Cancer
  • and sometimes, autism
border collies with three feet

Puppies don't suck

Things I love:

  • potatoes
  • cheese
  • cheesy potatoes and potatoes with cheese
  • bacon on cheesy potatoes
  • chocolate (once a month)
  • bbq chips on a turkey sandwich
  • (did you notice these are all about food?  Comfort eater much?)
  • my dogs
  • Border Collies who have three feet and don’t realize it and are awesome anyways
  • Jane Austen
  • music
  • yoga pants
  • flip-flops (preferably bare feet)
  • Mexican food
  • margaritas
  • And sometimes, Autism (depends on the day)

As you were.

4 thoughts on “Things That Suck, Things I Love

  1. pkzcass says:

    That is one cute, three-footed puppy you have there.

  2. Tammy says:

    I love the way you have autism on both lists. That’s about how I feel, depending on the day.

  3. Sunday says:

    I too noticed autism was on both lists and I have to say you hit that nail right on the head!

  4. Stacie says:

    LOL you have me cracking up! Cheesy potatoes in the crockpot are my favorite! Heck anything with cheese. OUCH on the back! Hope it gets better. Thanks for signing up for the Special Needs Blog Hop. I have to check to see if I am following you. i think I am if not I will be 🙂 Have a great Thursday!

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