You Don’t Say!


October 8, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

This week was a tough one for Bug Boy. He wasn’t feeling the greatest (he caught the dang cold everyone else has had) and he’s been sulky, out-of-control, distracted and loud. LOUDER, I should say.  My kids are related to me, therefore they are loud naturally. I’ll admit it.  IT’S FROM ME, OKAY?

Anyways, so he has been acting up. Homework has been a blinking nightmare. He has had trouble controlling his emotions at school. He has had ants in his pants. He cannot sleep or fall asleep easily.  I was beginning to worry that his meds needed adjustment. This made me sad because it has been practically a MIRACLE for this child so far this year!  He has been doing his homework independently, without complaint. I chalked this crappy week up to his bad cold.

Last night was awful. He was so out-of-control that I eventually lost my cool after FOUR FREAKING HOURS of his off-the-wall antics, his screaming, his howling (my child howls when he is out of control. Like a wolf. He also barks at squirrels and roars like a tiger or lion at cats. Isn’t he special?) and his hyperactivity. I started to think that perhaps he wasn’t taking his meds. Except that I KNOW I handed them to him and watched him put them in his mouth.

At least I think I did. I mean, I handed them to him.

So last night, I sent him to his room after I yelled. He was crying, I was crying, I was starting to feel like the worst mother in the world (as he so eloquently stated while running out of the room, screaming at me and telling me how much he hated me). It totally sucked, y’all. I plopped down in the computer chair to draft an e-mail to his teacher, explaining that we’d catch up on the homework over the weekend. And then I spotted them.

Pills. Small green and yellow ones. His medications. He takes them twice a day.

He’s supposed to take them twice a day.

Then I reviewed inside my head for a moment. He’s been withdrawn. Making noises instead of talking. Howling. Barking. Falling off of chairs constantly. Having trouble completing assignments. His writing (what he has written, that is) has been atrocious. He was compulsively washing his hands, impulsively flushing whole rolls of paper down the toilet. He was using half the bottle of soap at each hand washing. He wasn’t sleeping.   Hmmmm…

He hasn’t been taking his meds.

We called him down and asked him to tell us the truth and he immediately fessed up. One thing Bug Boy hasn’t learned to do yet (THANK YOU AUTISM!) is lie, because lying is not in the rules. Thank heavens.  Anyways, he has been spitting them out. He doesn’t like the taste.  AHA!  I wasn’t going crazy!

Problem is, he was spitting them out. Behind furniture. Behind the trash cans. I had to go around the house and have him show me where he has stashed them. After a stern lecture about blood levels, controlling behavior and the dangers of stashing pills where dogs and young children can find them, he went to bed.  And I plopped down in a chair and laughed.

Like someone asked me today, I just wish sometimes I was bored. Just a teensy bit bored. For just a few minutes, is that too much to ask?

But hey, if I was bored, there would be no blog fodder.  I’ve got soooooo much material, y’all.  Pages and pages worth.  If only there was more time.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Say!

  1. Janice says:

    this reminds me of when my supposedly “normal” child (who is actually normal I ask?) was found to be dropping his Asthma pills down the sink! Oh I felt like such a good Mom!

  2. Amanda says:

    Sounds like mine squirting his nasal spray off to the side onto the bathroom curtains instead of into his nose.

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