CH-CH-CH Changes or CHA CHING! One of the Two.


October 7, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Lots O’changes going on around these parts this week. One thing that hasn’t changed, oddly enough, is that my kids are still autistic.  Can’t explain it.


Ahem. Autism humor. Moving on…

I finally got around to buying my own domain. I’ve been toying with it for years, waiting for to open up but it currently costs over three THOUSAND dollars, because a certain celebrity totally stole my idea and bought up all of the domains associated with Domestic Goddess and The Domestic Goddess so I bought thedgoddess dot com, since that’s my e-mail and Twitter and stuff.  Yes. That’s what I did.  And dot net.  So there.

And eventually, I’ll get around to moving things over to it and redirecting traffic and whatnot but the truth is that the last time I built a website from scratch it was when HTML was new!new!new! and I don’t remember much of it and now there’s the CSS stuff and it is a tad different and I have to sit and learn it and to tell the truth I don’t know much about designing a website. Which makes me want to take a website design class. You know, in all my free time.  Uh huh, that’ll happen. Or hire someone to do it for me (most likely scenario) because it might be worth it, depending on how much it costs.

And I’m attempting to do this why? Why is it suddenly important to change things? Well, because, it turns out, it might happen that, I could possibly be…wait for it…

Writing for an actual professional blog.

Like, a real mom-related blog. Blogging about special needs parenting.

For realz, y’all. Like, paid.

I KNOW, RIGHT? That was my reaction, too!  Me?  Moi?  I’m not a professional writer. I just play one on tv.  I’m just a mom, a mom who likes to blog and write and vent on the Internets for millions of people to see because I’m not so good with getting up on stage at, say, Back to School Night?  And speaking in front of a packed-standing-room-0nly auditorium so I made a Movie instead?  And it was well-received?  So I vent on the Internets because I like my privacy.


Anyways, when things are more permanent, like stuff signed and faxed and whatnot, I’ll link y’all over to there and stuff.  Right now, the fabulous Bug Boy downloaded a virus to our desktop and our printer isn’t working and I’m using the netbook that is missing thirteen (or more, I lost count) keys and I’m very frustrated. That’s the PC term for I’m feeling a little stabby. In the meanwhile (don’t you hate that expression? WHAT DOES IT MEAN!  EGAD!), I’m taking a crash course in grammar on the Internets and proper punctuation use because I’m not a professional writer I was a special ed major and I forget most of that stuff. I’m learning stuff like ONE space after a period and how to use em-dashes and stuff.  Oh, and the run-on sentences and deliberately misspellings and stuff. It’s fun.

I might actually be able to pull this off, yo.

6 thoughts on “CH-CH-CH Changes or CHA CHING! One of the Two.

  1. Michelle says:

    That is AWESOME!!! Congrats!

  2. Amanda says:

    Sounds like a good opportunity. I have a friend whom I call my “blog bitch.” She does any back end work I need done.

  3. MemeGRL says:

    You are going to be great at this. Can’t wait to follow you in *two* cyber spaces!

  4. She Started It says:

    WOO HOO! Good luck with the great changes!

  5. Dee Moree says:

    Best of Luck Marj!

  6. choosy says:

    Congrats on the gig. You deserve it, truly.
    Rock on.

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