A Very Scientific and Well-Researched Poll


August 12, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

The Internets are all abuzz this week over an ex-pr0n (if you don’t know what pr0n is I’m sooooo not explaining it to you) star’s scene in Entourage.  It seems this ex-pr0n star decided to go au natural and bare what the maker gave her, instead of going to the spa and getting a brazillian and shave.  Now, guys who have never SEEN A REAL WOMAN NEKKKID are complaining that it’s grooooosssss and naaaasty and stuff.  You know, the guys who have never been with a real girl but have watched Debbie Does Dallas a hundred times and pause it at all the juicy parts so they can revel in a nekkkid’s girl bald-as-a-baby-nekkid-mole-rat cooch.

Anyways,  I gotta know.  I’ll admit to a trim now and then. Ok, fine, I have TOTALLY shaved it. More than once.  And sometimes it’s longer than others. And write now it’s swimming season and that’s ALL I AM SAYING.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

(And now you’ve all left, except the one perv who found this by Google search. Can’t wait to see those incoming links.)

So.  Tell me.  You can be anonymous:

And then go ahead to the comments below and tell me how disappointed you are in me because it turns out I’m a trashy ho and I’m just like all of the other x-rated bloggers out there trying to get more traffic with their trashy posts.

It’s ok, it won’t hurt my feelings. Raising autistic kids basically gives you the cajones to do crap like this.  Because, seriously, nothing bothers me anymore.

3 thoughts on “A Very Scientific and Well-Researched Poll

  1. rockle says:

    I hate shaving in general (legs and underarms too). This is one of those things that I totally wish there were fairies for: a grooming fairy to just come in and take care of this stuff while I’m sleeping.

  2. Rebecca says:

    One of the best things about getting older is that some things (not my waist) get thinner. Real women tell it like it is, I would be very disappointed if I came to your blog and got fairy tales! Thanks.

  3. Blue Sky says:

    The quiz is for your male readers right? As a separated Mum with 2 special needs kids I’ve more or less decided that this whole issue of today’s sky-high ‘grooming’ standards and the time needed to maintain them means I’ve no hope of another relationship!

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