And Please, Oh Please, Don’t Let it Rain


July 23, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Dear Universe,

I have a few teensy little favors to ask.  The first is this pesky sore throat I’ve got.  Can you make it go away?  ‘Cause it’s a bit inconvenient. Yesterday I was kinda thinking it was allergy related, what with this crappy, humid weather and all.  And I was out there weeding ( paying my neighbor’s kid to weed for me) and thought perhaps I just breathed in too much pollen. Then I was up all night hacking and gagging. Feels like a hairball stuck in my throat. Which isn’t good, since I’m not a cat.  So this morning I got up and it’s worse. Hooray. And I have a headache.  Even better. Oh, and the disc that’s been plaguing me all week? STILL PLAGUING ME.  Stop it. Thanks.

Did I mention Bugaboo is off today? And all next week?  No? Well, in order to keep him busy and happy I have planned a whole week of stuff for him to do.  Like jump on the trampoline, go bowling and spend copious amounts of time at his Mecca, the swim club. So I need the WEATHER TO COOPERATE. We need to be able to do all of that crap because if we can’t do all of that crap, the child will go insane. Take right now, for example. I’m pretty much just letting him do whatever he wants because he is being quiet. Which is stupid, because you know what happens when kids are quiet, right? They come downstairs after you’ve told them to get dressed and their in their birthday suits with three-sizes-too-big shoes on.  And a canister of Wondra in one hand and then you notice they are pastier-looking than normal. And you aren’t sure if it is the Wondra all over him or the drywall he’s been eating.  At least there’s fiber in it, right?

Also? Bug Boy. Oh Boy, Bug Boy.  Signed himself up for an e-mail account.  Last week he joined four websites and I chastised him for getting e-mails that he signed up for those websites.  And one of them was a paid membership to a popular kid website involving penguins.  And he used my credit card.  Because he memorized the numbers. Which means I’m basically screwed. So, he signed up so I “wouldn’t get more e-mails” because, yeah, that’s what I was upset about. Remind me to tell you about the time he bought himself clothes on the Internets.

The husband?  Has been doing his boss’ job for six months because she was out on short-term disability for a huge medical crisis that turned into long-term disability.  Then she resigned. So his boss and his boss’ boss said, “Hey!  Here’s the job!  Since you are currently doing three people’s work right now anyways!  Without stress!”  but the caveat is that they have to post it anyway and he has to interview for it and submit questionnaires and a resume. For the job that he has been doing for six months.  Without getting a pay raise.  So he better get this job. And the pay raise.  JUST SAYIN’.

And because I’m not insane enough, here’s a picture of a little somethin’-somethin’ I’ve been working on…

She needs a name. In two weeks.

So. Universe.  Get to it.

Love DG, Cosmically challenged.

4 thoughts on “And Please, Oh Please, Don’t Let it Rain

  1. choosy says:

    She is just to cute!

    Aaaaaahhhh puppies soothe the soul.

  2. It that dog going to be yours? Because she’s all kinds of awesome.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the skies and everything cooperate, so Bugaboo can get his outlet. And so you can stay sane.

  3. Anjali says:

    If you get the rain, please just send it here. We need it!

  4. Amanda says:

    With the way summer’s been going, the weather has a good chance of cooperating. Last I saw, where I’m at, we’re in the beginnings of a drought. Our weather isn’t cooperating. There’s a heat advisory and the air quality sucks. Not good when the kids are asthmatic. We’re reviewing a wii fit type for kids video game that I hope helps the crazies.

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