July 14, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Most of this summer has been relaxing and fun. For the first time in my ten years as a stay-at-home parent I finally feel like I’m getting this parenting gig down.  Maybe.  Somedays are better than others.

Like today for instance?  ONE OF THE OTHERS.

Yesterday was fab, thanks to spaghetti (which I didn’t actually get to eat, it was mostly cucumbers and bruschetta).

Today?  NOT  SO MUCH.

It always starts innocently enough. I drove out to Bugaboo’s school, had a great visit, met the husband for lunch, got a nap, managed to get some housework done.  But once that nap was over?

The phone rang off the hook (and my cell phone went off constantly).

Shadow got lost bowel and bladder control. For the third time this week. And then I cleaned it up, steamed the carpet in the basement (new spot!) and she did it again an hour later.

Then Bugaboo came home upset.

And then the thunder and lightning and deluge started.

And the lake backyard flooded.

And the dogs were muddy.

And the dogs were barking.

And my nephew was over, since I was babysitting and he spent two hours telling me NO! (Eighteen months!  Early Terrible Twos!) every time I told him to stop standing on the kitchen counter (I sure hope his mom isn’t reading this).

And my nephew ate a dog’s dental bone. Chicken and mint flavor, yum!

And my nephew dropped my Christmas Present (for the next five years) and now it won’t turn on. You don’t want to know how he got it.Blergh.

And Bugaboo got ahold of the loaf of bread while I was cleaning up the dog poo (the second time) and ate four slices.  Which should screw up his bowels, sleep and behavior for approximately four days or so.  Give or take four days.

That’s about the time I said this:

So. What do you think?  Raspberry chocolate torte ice cream or Glass of Sangria?

4 thoughts on “TAKE ME AWAY!

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh no! not the nikon?!! you deserve both! yes, have both…maybe a couple glasses of sangria…

  2. Amanda says:

    I’d say about 5 glasses of sangria. I swear there’s something in the air. I keep reading about people having days like these, and I’ve been experiencing them myself. I’m seriously ready to go buy my boys some Midol.

  3. Green V-Neck says:

    Definitely have both!

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