Off to a Good Start


June 15, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

So far today:

  • Bugaboo was up two hours early
  • I found laundry getting mildew-y when I went to switch over the laundry. Oopsy.
  • Bugaboo had a global nuclear meltdown getting on the bus
  • I left my keys on previously mentioned bus.
  • I didn’t notice this until an hour later when it was time to take Bug Boy to school. Thankfully, my neighbor let me borrow her car.
  • I also forgot my wallet when I went out, which meant I had to go back and get it.  Which meant I used up gas and my neighbor was already close to E. Which meant I filled up the tank (to the tune of $50).
  • I left the slider open and Shadow let herself out (if we don’t bar the door she can open the damn slider. Freaking Border Collies).  Which meant she left the door open when she went out and the AC is on which means it was 80 degrees and humid in here when I got back. At 10am.

Which meant I got total comfort food for lunch and I don’t feel guilty about eating a cheese steak pretzel because I figure I deserve it at this point.  Nope, don’t feel guilty. Not one bit.

One thought on “Off to a Good Start

  1. Rebecca says:

    Never, Never feel guilty about comfort food — had lunch with girlfriend yesterday, I ate grilled cheese with bacon/tomato and she had fish/chips! no guilt at all!!

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