Pictures From the Inaugural Patio Party


May 30, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

I was gonna take all kinds of pictures. The workers were literally finishing up  the patio as my family was arriving last night and we were all “SQUEEEEEEEEE” and couldn’t wait to get tables and chair set up  there (the pottery barn set I’ve been drooling over will have to wait.  For, like, ever.). It’s so freaking awesome.  I sooooo want to show you.

But the new, awesome camera?  Dead battery.  And my old, crappy camera?  DEAD BATTERY.

Note to self: when having large family gatherings and expecting great things to happen (heck, even if you aren’t expecting great things to happen) CHARGE YOUR CAMERA BATTERIES AHEAD OF TIME.

Another note to self: Do not leave awesome, new camera ON for several hours, draining the battery.  Just sayin’.

Actually, I did it on purpose.  Yeah, that’s it. Technology has ruined our sense of humor and our creative abilities.  So I, ummmmm,  did it so y’all would have to use your imagination to see what our party was like?  Yeah. That’s it.  And, as a real treat?  I decided to do cartoon drawings to represent our first party on our new patio. The patio that was worth five years of mud and dirt dragged into my house.  The patio that was worth scraping together every dime for. The patio that made more sense than another wooden deck because it is safer for Bugaboo…

But I digress. Without further ado, my artist’s representation of our party last night:

my hippy brother at bat

Damn hippies.

This shot is of our backyard baseball game. We have about forty wiffle balls and some bats and we just LERVE playing a game of backyard baseball.  Bug Boy and my nephews just can’t get enough of playing with my brothers (who are large children themselves. No offense, bros.  YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!).  Notice that this time, my brother with the loooooong, red, hippy ponytail is at bat.

diaper burst

Bristol is poised to start licking the contents of the diaper. Such a nice dog.

This shot is when we were all imbibing a bit on the new patio and my eighteen-month-old nephew toddled over to the doggies’ wading pool and jumped right in. In his clothes.  And his shoes. In a regular diaper. What you can’t see in this particular shot is his diaper immediately filling up like a water balloon, bursting and all of the little funky diaper crystals exploding into the wading pool while Bristol was all, “Yeah!  FUN!”  And nephew’s mommy was all, “OMG NOOOOOO!!”  In slow motion like. While we all laughed so hard we were crying. Because the rest of us? Well, let’s just say our kids did it, too.  In winter, even.

Uh OH!

h2o spill on the new patio

This shot is from when my nephews, visiting from Virgina, ate nothing but watermelon for pretty much the whole party.  At one point, nephew-the-younger went out of his way to christen the new patio (which really was quite thoughtful of him) for us. You know, since it was the first time we were using it and all.  Such a nice kid, really.  And he also was kind enough to share it with the five dogs running around my yard (who are just out of frame since the patio is raised off the ground and the dogs aren’t that tall).

lens cap

Hey look! Big Ben! Parliament!

This next shot is from when Bugaboo was getting upset because Dear Husband was pulling the wagons behind the tractor and they were all having fun and then he stopped and Bugaboo wasn’t having it.  So he grabbed nephew the elder’s hand and they walked hand in hand across the yard while we were all, “Awwww! How cute!” and then Bugaboo flipped out and slapped poor nephew the elder in the head out of frustration.  You had to be there. It was awesome.  Then Bugaboo and Bug Boy fought over sitting on the tractor seat for a good fifteen minutes, which is awesome because THEY NEVER INTERACT and fighting is better than nothing. In fact, it’s NORMAL. WHich is nice for a change…Wait, what? You can’t see anything in the pic?  Oops. Must have had the lens cap on.

So you can see it was a pretty awesome party.  It’s  a good thing I didn’t show you anything from what happened AFTER the party. Because…um…they’d be a little risque-like.  And I’m trying to keep this a family-friendly blog.

3 thoughts on “Pictures From the Inaugural Patio Party

  1. Lori says:

    Wow…your photos look an awful lot like MY photos.

    Wait a cotton’ pickin’ minute here…


    Damnit, is nothing sacred anymore?

  2. No. Nothing is sacred. Finders, Keepers!

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