Sh*t That Happened This Week


May 14, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Tea. English Breakfast. Hot.

OMGWTFBBQ, guys, I blinked and all the sudden this week happened. I HATE IT when that happens because. Well.  It happened. And I don’t remember it.

So Monday.  Monday the patio got started. Digging, more digging.  News crew to video tape Bugaboo (and boy, was he cooperative!).  Lack of sleep.

Oh, Tuesday! School trip with third graders on three hours of sleep!  Bug Boy was a turd. WOO!  Rain delays patio.

Wednesday? First Home and School meeting as presidents. Almost thwarted by some crazies with massive control issues.  Sigh.  Followed by two pitchers of sangria.

Thirsty Thursday.  Unfortunate red wine hangover while appearing on the Fox Philly morning show. Can’t remember what I said.  Bugaboo was an angel.  Also Spoke at open house as Home and School president for incoming parents. Barely coherent and pretty sure they wanted to stab me in the eye.

OMG Friday!  Bugaboo woke up and fell back asleep, leaving me staring at the ceiling. I LOVE that.  Good news?  WEEKEND.

2 thoughts on “Sh*t That Happened This Week

  1. WHA???

    News crews?

    Fox morning show?


    Clue me in!

  2. MemeGRL says:

    Generally warm reception to the message (what did you want us to do again?) in our corner of the auditorium! Great job. Link to news clip???

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