The Past Two Weeks


May 3, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur. There’s a ton I should be doing and not getting done. There are friends (and family members) that I haven’t called that I should call. There’s a house to clean, piles of papers to go through, Home and School stuff to sort out, phone calls to make and appointments to set up.

But I’ve been a bit paralyzed, see.

For some reason, I’m currently living very short-term. VERY.  I can’t see past a day or two in the future.  I can get things done a day or two ahead of time but no more.  A week from now?  WHAT’S THAT?  Doesn’t exist.

The weather, while gorgeous and warm and amazing has also taken its toll on me.  My newly diagnosed asthma, my results-are-like-a-thirty-year-smoker lungs, are rebelling. I constantly cough, feel like I’ve got an elephant sitting on my chest, I’m tired and have headaches.  All because I can’t breathe well.  And breathing, it turns out, is very important. Breathing and getting enough oxygen?  HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT.  It also helps you sleep better. And!  When you breathe!  You have energy!  AMAZING!

So I’ve been tired and grumpy and whiny. I’ve been forgetting things.  I’ve been huffing (my inhaled steroids) and popping pills (allergy meds). And I feel a teensy bit better.  Then I go to bed. Then I wake up.  And it starts all over again.  So I’ve been whiny.  And grumpy.  Again.

Then today. I wake up and look out the window. Except I can’t look out the window. Because I went to bed in Philly and woke up in Hotlanta.  The windows are fogged over. It’s soooo muggy out there. Gross, like. Ew. That means stinky kids that smell like Italian Hoagies, stinky husband that smells like sweat, stinky dogs that smell like dirt (because they tunnel in it to get cool) and stinky me because I don’t wear antiperspirants (but I do wear deodorant).  This is the kind of weather that it makes no sense taking a shower because you are soaked as soon as you dry off.  This is the kind of weather that makes me grateful for central air.

The dogs don’t even want to go out in this.

And it’s pouring rain, did I mention that?  NO?  Well, it is.  So a temporary, partial relief from my coughing fits and headaches.  I might get brave and get dressed and venture outside today.  Like, around real, actual people. I might try to walk on the treadmill at the gym and see if I pass out or not.

5 thoughts on “The Past Two Weeks

  1. Michelle says:

    That does not sound like a good start to your week! Hope you feel better soon, is there a different asthma med they could try?

  2. Lori says:

    I used to have a memory like a steel trap, and could plan in accordance with eclipses that weren’t going to happen for years.

    Then I became a mom, ended up being responsible for all this LIFE that had to happen, got (slightly, only a wee bit) older, and my body stopped being able to take all the abuse I had always heaped upon it, and yes, developed bloody major hay fever. (No, I do not ALWAYS look like Rudolph, I tell people. Or, I would if I had the nerve.)

    And all I can do is wish you easy breathing and good night’s sleep.

    So, I will.

  3. Kelly says:

    Asthma? Shit, woman. How much are you supposed to fit upon your shoulders? You gotta get into one of those spas where you can huff pure oxygen.

  4. body face says:

    Hi, Nice post!

    I really like it especially the part “For some reason, I’m currently living very short-term. VERY. I can’t see past a day or two in the future. I can get things done a day or two ahead of time but no more. A week from now? WHAT’S THAT? Doesn’t exist.”

    That’s true. Sometimes I feel the same way too.

    I will surely reading your other posts.

  5. Hey,
    Have you tried Acupuncture? It does amazing things for allergies.
    Hope you feel better soon!

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