Just Sayin, The Sequel


April 30, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Look folks.

Today’s the last day of autism awareness month.  Folks ask me why I don’t have an autism awareness ribbon on my car (or clothes, or coat, or purse or _______) and I have one answer for them.



Autistic kids aren’t spoiled brats. They have bona fide neurological issues.  Real issues. REAL ONES.  So there.

Also also?  They cannot be “just disciplined” like in the old sense. DOES NOT WORK. In fact, it could make them worse.

Also the fifth? We don’t put our children on medication because we don’t feel like parenting.  See the part about “not spoiled brats.”  Medication is for chemical imbalance and extreme cases.  Don’t make me feel guilty for trying everything else in the book and then resorting to meds to keep my kid from hurting himself, mmkay?  Because?  I’ll do whatever it takes for my boy.  Don’t accuse me of not doing it.

Think you can do a better job?  COME ON OVER.  You wouldn’t last an hour.  Which is why I’d be on the porch waiting for you to cry, “UNCLE!  UNNNNNCLLLLLEEEE!” instead of going out for a cup of coffee or something.

/end rant

3 thoughts on “Just Sayin, The Sequel

  1. Michelle says:

    People should learn to shut up sometimes, eh? Thanks for illustrating the walk a mile in someone else’s shoes analogy perfectly.

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