And Now I Have to Carry a Real, Live Purse


April 12, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

When I was in high school I carried a backpack, before backpacks were cool. I totally wasn’t cool, because I was a band geek and I was in orchestra and to make matters worse I played for school shows AND school religious services. So basically, there were constant reminders that I was one of the biggest dweebs in school. And I’m not talking about my school uniform being one of the only ones that actually REACHED the knees in the whole school. Or my knee socks pulled up to (GASP) the knees.  Or the penny loafers. Or the trumpet pin I wore everyday.  But I digress.

Where was I?

Oh, backpacks. Right. So I carried a backpack. And then I worked in the city so I kept carrying a backpack so I could bring my wallet and Walkman (REMEMBER THOSE?) to work on the train because it was heavy.  And I brought books, too.  Then I went to college and carried a backpack. Then I worked in a different city and took the train so I carried a backpack. Then I went back to college again (FOUR MAJORS!) and carried a backpack. Then I FINALLY graduated from college, planned on getting a purse and surprise!  Preggers!  Which amused the husband, by the way.  So I started carrying a diaper bag backpack.  And I carried it for eight years because Bugaboo still worse diapers up to a few months ago, when he started full-time school at that glorious, wonderful program of his.  So I got a small purse.  A purse that is sorta messenger style and basically barely fits a wallet and a calendar/planner (I swear, I’m the last person on earth that has an actually planner that YOU WRITE IN) and my glasses and cellphone and iPod (smaller than a Walkman) and lip balm and altoids and keys. And calculator. Like, I can’t always zip it. But I REFUSE to be the type of gal that NEEDS to carry a purse. I don’t bring makeup or hair brushes (do people actually brush hair?  ’cause I don’t) or any of that girly crap.  Have you seen some of these purses today?  They look like luggage!  No, I’m not kidding!  You could use it AS A CARRY ON ON A PLANE. I swear some of these gals are carrying around a hairdryer, a change of clothes and a SmartCar.  It’s that big.

Anyways, last week I was at the allergist and now have prescribed to me a fashionable epipen and rescue inhaler.  HOLLA!  I’m so hip.  And I can’t cram them in my much-to-small for a REAL woman purse. I only buy one not-a-purse a year.  And it looks like this year I am going to join the ranks of millions of women my age and grow up and get a real, live, actual purse that you can fit things in.  Like, a big one.  ‘Cause I’m all about these bags right here.

8 thoughts on “And Now I Have to Carry a Real, Live Purse

  1. Amanda says:

    I have one o fthose bags, but in a slightly larger version becuase not only do I need my epipen, rescue inhaler, benadryl, and hydrocortisone cream, but I have to carry cars and a sippy cup minimum. It helps to have the Zune and headphones too. Nothing gets me through the grocery store faster than letting my preschooler watch some Fanboy and Chum Chum on my Zune. Oh yeah, and I have a planner too. I have to write in and see my whole month at once, or I forget things. Electronic calendars don’t allow for that.

  2. rockle says:

    I carry a bigger handbag than I probably need, but that’s because we are gradually changing away from “full-on diaper bag” to “a couple of extra supplies in my purse.” I refuse to carry a purse that is so big that it looks like my mother’s, with 5 years worth of change and 15 years worth of old tissues and starlight mints stuck to an umbrella on the bottom.

    What I wish I could do? Is have a purse like my 3-year-old’s: post-it notes, a crayon, lip balm, a bracelet, sunglasses, and My Little Pony. All the necessities, zipped up, with Dora on the front.

  3. Michelle says:

    I have an actual write in calendar too! Everyone always makes fun, but I love it.

  4. lora says:

    I’m a write-in girl too!
    and I like bags, i like to carry books and allergy stuff with me. And cortisone for the boy. It never ends, does it.

  5. choosy says:

    I can’t pay more than $70 for a purse. Those that you linked to are super cute but you might want to check out the local Marshalls for a better price.
    That’s where all the cool girls go.
    (like I’d know) tee hee.

  6. I had to give up and get a Mom Purse a few years ago. It was a moment for me. The kind of moment when you realize there is no turning back. Next stop: Mom jeans.

    Also? I have a paper and pen planner too. PDA’s are over rated.

  7. The Hussy says:

    All for the sake of saving a life. And maybe a couple few new packs of Altoids!

  8. […] was diagnosed with Asthma after an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. […]

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