Tomorrow is World Autism Day


April 1, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Dear World,

Tomorrow, April 2, is World Autism Awareness Day.  It is a day to bring about information for what is misunderstood about autism and to help those who are misdiagnosed or need help. This is how we plan on celebrating:

Taking walks.

Playing outside.

Going to the store.

Eating lunch.

Reading books.

Hugging and kissing.

Waiting until Daddy gets home from work.

Having dinner.

Taking baths.

Snuggling before bed.

This sounds like a normal day, doesn’t it?  That’s because for us, every day is a normal day. Even Autism Awareness Day.  The media tends to focus on the negatives in Autism. They like to remind people what a wretched, horrible thing it is to have Autism.  Does this look horrible to you?

THESE are the faces of autism.  Sure, it’s tough some days.  Sure, there are days I want to run away. It’s no cakewalk.  But no one promised you a rose garden (QUICK!  NAME THE ARTIST!).  Life is what you make of it, my friends.

And we make it happy and joyful.  We celebrate EVERY day.

So tomorrow, when you hear about autism and they do all of the news stories for autism awareness month and show you how “terrifying this affliction is,” think of my kids.  They have behavioral issues. They have meltdowns. It gets ugly.  But 99% of the time, it’s beautiful.  And they are just perfect just the way they are.

THIS is the autism they should be showing.  THIS autism.

Spread the word.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow is World Autism Day

  1. MemeGRL says:

    I need a “like” button for your blog posts. This was great!

  2. Leiani says:

    Autism is not negative and it irks me that the media present it that way. My son Kaiden is almost 15 and has Aspergers, and he’s GREAT! I love that the way he thinks and sees our world is a little bit different from others. It pulls me from my own jaded view into his way of seeing things. It’s what makes him Kaiden. In our house, like yours, every day is Autism Day, and I wouldn’t change it for the all the riches in the world.

  3. She Started It says:

    Love, it DG. And my, those boys of yours are so, so sweet!

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