It’s Friday?


March 19, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

This week zipped by.


Monday I hit the gym and ran my weekly errands. Then I called for estimates for a PATIO to replace our MUD PIT (more on this later!). I realized that I detest food shopping in the rain.  Well, I don’t like to food shop, period. Unless it involves taters, that is. Anyways, where was I.  Right.  Patio.  We’re finally getting one.  Thanks Tax return!

Tuesday I went to the gym,  took my nephew to the local library for the reading program, had lunch with his Mommy, played outside and met with two contractors about our patio. I also began dog sitting Ginger, who belongs to memegrl (more on her later.  Photos are coming, honest, but she’s a FAST ONE. And she pretty much always has her nose to the ground, tracking).  We played outside until the sun set, thanks to the AMAZING FREAKING WEATHER we’re having. Ahhh…spring has just about sprung.

Wednesday?  Bug Boy forgot his violin so I had to double back before going to the  Gym. Again. Another errand. Lunch with the nephew, His mommy and my brother.  Walked HER dog (Bruno, part-horse, part-shepherd with radars for ears).  Then I walked MY dogs.  Then I walked my kids.  Then another estimate.  MUD PIT, BE GONE!  Then I went to Wednesday Spaghetti at WRH’s house. I love her. I love her house. I also love her dogs, kids and husband. But not that way. You know, like I feel comfy there and have a nice time, love.  And I drank wine. And talked to adults. And all was merry.

Thursday I met with my co-vp for home and school and the treasurer to set our budget for next year. See, we’ll be the presidents. Yes, we are insane.  But I’m liking it so far and we’re learning tons about the job, our school and the politics there.  Fifty e-mails a day right now, my friends.  Sheesh.  Then?  Home.  The husband took a mental health day so we went for a nice, long walk (STILL AMAZING WEATHER!) and then he conned me into a motorcycle ride. I was terrified. And by terrified, I mean I kept my eyes closed for most of it. No, I wasn’t driving.

Friday.  Gym. Chiro/massage.  Another meeting. Setting up for the school book fair. Dog sitting.  House cleaning.  Babysitting. Kids OUTSIDE!  Phone calls to make.  Etc, etc.

Sheesh. This week went fast.   And next week is twice as busy, so the next time I sit down again may be next friday.

One thought on “It’s Friday?

  1. Amanda says:

    You’re brave! I stay out of school politics. Army politics are bad enough to deal with. I don’t need any added bs in my life.

    Congrats on the patio! Tax returns are the best. Ours unfortunately needs to replace our old and tired car. We’ll still be a one car family through the summer at least.

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