This Isn’t a Post About Snow


February 11, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

I finally made it to the doc and got a script for some good pink stuff that should make the yucky green, yellow and brown stuff go away.  After FOUR DAYS of the antibiotic, I can finally say I’m starting to feel slightly better.  I did a good job this time, because when the doc looked in my throat she exclaimed, “HOOOLEEEE COW.” And that’s doctor speak for, “Dang, yo, you gots an Upper Respiratory Infection.”  Which is why I didn’t get any better for two weeks.  Which is why I still want to jab an ice pick in my ear, because my ears are STILL ringing and I’m still coughing up a lung and my nose? If there was a such thing as a snot faucet, my nose would be it. It won’t stop running.

By the way, if you get put on a medication and the warnings say, “Do not take with a stimulant, xyz medication or pseudoephedrine, because it could have a stimulatory effect” then DO NOT TAKE PSEUDOEPHEDRINE and DO NOT DRINK CAFFEINE.   Because I now know what it is like to stare at a clock all night and watch the minutes flick pass and make lists in my head.  All night.  Let’s just say that even with melatonin I could not sleep. Not one wink.  And if I did doze off I’d SNAP awake again.  For some reason I thought I was immune to stimulants (maybe because I drown my sorrows in tea each day) and being up all night on speed was preferable to being up all night hacking my head off.  WRONG.

Now, we’re on the East Coast, in the Mid-Atlantic States, which generally means we get a snow day or two and maybe a few inches of snow. We usually don’t get thirty inches of snow followed four days later by another fifteen to twenty.  Two blizzards in one week? Inconceivable! And, see what I did there?  I’m talking about snow anyway!  Even though I proclaimed I wouldn’t!


Six day weekend.  With school canceled yesterday(big, fat blizzard) and today (digging out from big, fat blizzard) and inservice tomorrow and Presidents’ Day on Monday, that’s a SIX DAY WEEKEND.  There is only so much I can do with Bugaboo on days like this. He despises snow and won’t go out in it.  We can’t go many places, because many of them are closed (big, fat blizzard aftermath).  The places that are open that I could take him to run around?  FREAK SHOW. Meltdown city!  Indoor play places and museums?  NO WAY.  I might as well just bite myself and throw myself on the floor and then dump food on my floor and then clean it all up, it will be easier here to deal with it.  And!  No stares!  No nasty remarks!  WIN!

We’ll eventually venture out.  I suspect the HD won’t be terribly crowded.  Unless people are finally breaking down and buying snow blowers and shovels and salt, which means we are guaranteed that the freaking groundhog is right and we won’t get another flake this calendar year.

But you have to admit, it is purty!  Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse 2010 pics:

Basically, this proves that I’ve got snow up to my mid-thigh in my backyard. Can’t wait to see what that looks like when it melts.

One thought on “This Isn’t a Post About Snow

  1. Amanda says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. Your one night awake is how I spend my illnesses because staying awake on cold meds is preferable to being stopped up with snot and hacking up a lung.

    This snow can suck it as far as I’m concerned. We’re supposed to get more on Monday. I’m seriously going to look at snowblowers today. My husband was gone for the 2nd storm (thank Army), so I got to be snowed in and dig out with the kids all by myself. I’m done. Wake me when it’s May.

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