A Little Math


February 9, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Don’t be frightened, it’s not a quiz.

28 – average inches of snow around my house on Saturday

3 – hours it took us to clear the snow  (and by us, I mean, the husband cleared it while we played in it)

300 – feet long my sidewalk was when I stopped measuring, because it’s actually longer

2 – driveways we also had to clear

3 – houses on our street that are uninhabited and for sale.

2- houses that are uninhabited on our street that no one bothered to remove the snow

1- pot of chicken soup I made

8 – gallons of said soup in the freezer

2 – amount of doggies that love to romp in the snow

1 – amount of children living in my household that love to romp in the snow

1 – amount of seven-year-olds in my house that refuse to wear gloves and then complain when his hands are cold

2 – tunnels dug in the snow

1 – half-hearted attempt at a snowman

2 – medications given to me from the doctor yesterday for my “Upper Respiratory Infection”

2 – weeks I’ve been under the weather so far

3 – amount of people in my house that have had this particular cold

2 – boxes of tissues I’ve gone through in the two weeks I’ve been sick

12-18 – inches of snow we are supposed to receive between tonight and tomorrow

1 – age of my nephew, for whom I am babysitting today

3 – the age he thinks he is, but cannot understand why he can’t do the stuff a three-year-old can

8 – hours he’ll be here today

8 – hours I’m in love with him today

365 – days I wish I could have another child

3 thoughts on “A Little Math

  1. GeekChick says:

    1 – sister who is incredibly impressed with you
    2 – number of other people in my household who hold you in high esteem
    0 – number of days my son has been in school this week
    0 – number of days I expect my son to be in school this week

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. The Hussy says:

    This reminded me a little bit of a square dance. Now let’s do-se-do.

    p.s. send some of that white stuff up here to Vermont. Please, with sugar on top.

  3. Anjali says:

    6 – inches of snow I wish you’d mail to my kids, who are dying for some.

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