More or Less


January 21, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

I don’t know why it always surprises me. Maybe because I tend to put things out of my mind that don’t absosmurfly need to be there?  I’m not sure.  But when chaos creeps up and sneaks into my house, I stand there, mouth agape, and stare.  Not like it hasn’t happened a thousand times before…

Extra kids in-house. This means more toys on floor. This means more mess to clean up at the end of the day.  This means less napping, less time to prep dinner.

Less napping means more irritability.  For the boys and for me. Bug Boy is unusually susceptible to my moods.  Living with Bug Boy is like living with myself. I am not easy to live with and he’s basically a carbon copy of MOI that looks exactly like his father. So his poor father lives with TWO of me. More me to love!  I feel sorry for him.

Grumpy DG with little sleep means grumpy Bug Boy with little sleep and it means BUGABOO was the cause of less sleep.  Yet Bugaboo is all scene from Animal House, complete with toga scene and swinging from the chandeliers. Literally.  Less sleep for Bugaboo means more energy to destroy the house. Which means I have even more to clean up, even less time to prepare dinner (which was planned and partly prepped before the preschoolers partied at my place) and less time to give my UNDIVIDED attention to Bug Boy.

So really, last night was like every other freaking night at my house. Chaos? Check.  Bug Boy in a snit and complaining about having to copy SIX WHOLE SENTENCES?  Check.  Bugaboo walking on the table in circles waiting for dinner? Check.  Nekkid Bugaboo?  Check. Crying from at least 50% of us?  Check.  The Husband home late?  Check.  Door bell and phone ringing constantly?  CHECK.

It’s like a stack of dominos. You know, like those domino experts that take days setting up this gloriously wonderful display, precariously arranged to the point that a sneeze could ruin the entire setup, and then they suddenly stop, stare and flick the first one with their finger.

And it all comes tumbling down.  With one swift movement. And it’s grand and climatic.  People stand there in awe of it.  And it’s over in minutes.

Except there’s no cheering in my house when it is over.  Except from me, when they finally have head-to-pillow.

2 thoughts on “More or Less

  1. shattered says:

    Bugaboo is autistic and Bug Boy is not, correct?
    Comparison is the source of unhappiness. In some but not all cases it’s also the source of happiness or rather satisfaction, actually both or one or the other or something like that.
    You can be happy without comparison but you can’t be unhappy without it.

  2. Oh no, they are both autistic. Just different parts of the spectrum. Bugaboo’s official diagnosis (among others) is Classic Autism. Bug Boy’s’ is PDD-NOS, some docs say Aspergerish.
    And, true what you say about comparison. It’s also really not fair.

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