January 15, 2010 by Marj Hatzell

Thanks for all y’alls nifty comments yesterday. It gave me just the boost I needed because, you know, I write this blog for popularity and high-schoolish acceptance as cheap therapy and to enlighten others about raising children with special needs.  It was especially nice to read because:

  • Bugaboo has a four-day weekend. Which means for the next ninety-six hours, I have no time to myself. Not even to pee, because he’s currently obsessed with it and has to run in there and flush it before I’ve gotten my pants down. Which is different from when he goes, because he flushes it when he walks in the bathroom, as he sits, as he goes, after he goes and one more time when he stands up again.  And we wonder why our water bill is so high. Hmmmm…
  • Bug Boy has a three-day weekend. He is having some social growing pains and isn’t too keen on playdates because people want to tell him what to do and make him play stuff and talk to him when he’s trying to play and THEY TALK TO HIM AND IT’S LOUD. You mean, people TALK at PLAYDATES???  So I did what any mother would do when her kid doesn’t want to go on playdates.  I scheduled playdates.
  • My niece is here for the weekend. This is fine and dandy, because she’s like a daughter to me and she’s sweet and kind and lovely and ten. TEN-YEARS-OLD. WHich means she is into clothes, dolls, hair, jewelry and conning me into trips to Tarzhay and Goodwill to supplement her wardrobe. And with sleep deprivation my willpower is negative infinity.
  • The bathroom. Oh, the bathroom. Now that we’ve fixed what we didn’t anticipate finding when we tore down walls and ripped up tile, we can start the rebuild. And by we I mean HE, because my husband doesn’t let me in there to help.  But I get to pick tile and argue about niches to put shampoo bottles on and OH, I HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING TO PUT MY FOOT ON WHEN I SHAVE. Because I shave at least twice a month, maybe, and I cannot be expected to bend down. Dont’ worry, I’ll post pictures.
  • I have negative infinity willpower because, HELLO SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Somehow Bugaboo knows he is off for four days straight, so he was up all night, which means he was in my bed rolling and flopping and babbling and sticking his damn cold hands under my knees and his feet and…it turns out there is now ONE episode of Thomas left on demand.  That is down from SIX last week. Turns out they are changing Thomas.  Making him CGI. Giving him a voice, and facial expressions that change. Like, cartoony. This will kill me, because Bugaboo will hate it.  I’ll never sleep again. Yes, I know about DVDs. But they HAVE to have George Carlin as Storyteller or else.  What I need to do is find something more age-appropriate to wean him to.  Just haven’t found it yet.  And, negative infinity will power?  SALE AT OLD NAVY.  Oops.  So much for no spending in January.  But!  BUT!  $2 shirts!  $1.74 for pants!  WIN!

Have a weekend. And if you can, volunteer on Monday.  Me? I’ll be sitting in the dentist’s office with Bugaboo, scheduling his sedated tooth cleaning. Don’t ask.


  1. hgspot says:

    Dude, I didn’t delurk yesterday. My bad. Still love you lots 🙂 Wish I didn’t have to cancel this morning. Also – are you interested in Wil’s book Dancing Barefoot and Bruce Campbell’s autobio?

  2. Leiani says:

    Hi! I’m still lurking around. Just thought you might like to know!

  3. Merlot says:

    I don’t ALWAYS lurk. Just sometimes :-).

  4. I survived two children going through what seemed to be decade-long phases of loving Thomas, but being that my oldest is eleven, it couldn’t have been that long. The movie was played so many times that I may know it by heart. If you’ve seen it, you know that NOBODY should know that movie by heart. “All lights are green – green for glory.”

    Facial expressions on the trains? Creepy.

  5. Choosy says:

    We are living parallel bathroom lives. At this very moment the love of my life is trimming out the window and placing the last of the green sheetrock on the walls.

    And now I try to talk him into hiring someone for the plaster and paint…

    I am so excited for this to be done – I can’t even tell you!
    Hope your days off aren’t hell.

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