Days Like These


December 16, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

This is the kind of day I could relive over and over and over again.  And again.  And one more time, just for good measure.  Because?  Today was just an awesome day.

Even though Bugaboo was up in the wee hours and was sticking his freezing cold little feet between my knees (golly ned, his toenails need to be trimmed) and I got sucked into washing Thomas, it was a good day.

Even though My Total Awesome Teenager is having MAJOR life issues (which I’m not at liberty to discuss with y’all, so PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS, Plz?  Kthxbai.) and I’m worried sick about her and minus one after-school mommy helper, it was a good day.

Even though my perfect, little puppy turned out to be a DIGGER and is ruining our perfectly manicured back lawn, it was a good day.  Also?  She drinks water and allows it to drip as she walks away and then comes up and sniffs my leg or something and ACK!  COLD!  Still a good day.

This morning I got to go observe Bugaboo at his new school. I should stop calling it his  new school because he’s been there for four months now and unless they kick him out, he ain’t leaving. In fact, he’s never leaving. The program goes until 21 and then they have an adult day program and the main campus has residential facilities and sheltered job coaching and the like and he’s never, ever going to leave  because it’s awesome.  Anyways, so I observed Bugaboo at his AMAZING SCHOOL.  Have I told you how happy we are that he is there?  No?  WELL I AM.

This kid is doing amazing things.  Like, he is nearly seven and he’s not potty trained. Yet.  But he will be soon, mark my words. They have a program set up and he’s doing well. And today?  Today he was dry ALL DAY.  The whole day!  LIKE, HE DIDN’T WET HIS PANTS!  And when he came home, he continued that trend. And put himself on the toilet. And stayed dry until he dozed off tonight. Doods. Can’t begin to tell you.  Can’t even find the words…

After I observed Bugaboo, I met my dear husband for lunch. He’s working all kinds of nutty hours.  He’s also under tremendous pressure at work.  He comes home exhausted and still deals with the kids and pretends to be happy and plays with them anyway.   We went to this great deli for lunch, where they had super-cheap specials and we ate an insane amount of food. And, this potato girl had totally awesome french fries. Amen.  And we had CONVERSATIONS without INTERRUPTIONS and didn’t have to tell anyone to sitdowngetupusenapkinwipefacequietvoicedon’ttouchthatNO!

And then I went home and snoozed and got the boys at their respective times and said, “Let’s celebrate and go to Chik-Fil-A!” where I ate nothing, but not because I don’t need to eat for four more days after consuming that lunch. It’s because they cook their food in peanut oil, the oil of evil (allergies).  And the boys played in the play area, Bug Boy read the kid meal book (love that they do that there, btw) and Bugaboo sort of played slightly-kinda-near other kids, which is a step in the right direction, considering he won’t go in there most of the time when there is a nother child present.  AND THEN HE ATE FRENCH FRIES!  He IS my kid!  He DOES like potatoes!  BEST DAY EVVVVEEERRRRRR!!!!  He only flopped on the floor once and didn’t try to steal anyone’s food.

We went home and I only had to wait another hour before melatonin time (LOVE IT) and the doggies were happy and the kids were happy and chatted and were mostly well-behaved (except when I picked up the phone, which I don’t get to do often.  What is up with kids being imps when their parents are on the phone?  Sheesh.).  And Bug Boy finished his homework in record time, and Bugaboo didn’t dump much on the floor and when I vacuumed it wasn’t that bad.  And then DH came home and they went to bed.

I could get used to this kind of day. Is this what normal people get?  If so, I want one.

2 thoughts on “Days Like These

  1. HG says:

    I store days like these like a camel 🙂

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