‘Tis the Season


December 2, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

Go Ahead, Hate me.

All of my shopping is complete.  I finished the holiday letter this morning and after I proof it, it will be electronically submitted and printed.  I just have one more thing to do.

Teacher gifts.

I have my ideas for teacher gifts. This is the last thing on my list. It gets me EVERY year. I know, it isn’t necessary, right?  But if you knew what Bugaboo’s teachers and staff did for him?  You’d wanna buy them a pony. Or a car. Or a house.  They mean that much. Or an elephant, or a whole country or steak or coffee…

So here are a few of my ideas:

reusable shopping bags

Gift certs for the local coffee/convenience store (people who live here LOVE this place)

Sinus pillows (made these last year, but Bugaboo is at a new school so I could easily make them again!)

Thoughts??  I want it to be reasonably priced, meaningful and easy for me.   I know when I was still working in schools, these would have been lovely to have, instead of ANOTHER coffee mug or ANOTHER plant or ANOTHER #1 teacher ornament. It’s the thought that counts…but I want the thought to be fondly remembered.  And I don’t want to break the bank, since I already blew my budget this year (I had to have the Dansko clogs. I waited two years. They were discontinued.  Please don’t hate me!).

8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. lora says:

    I was drooling all over Dansko’s site yesterday. I really want a pair, I’ve never had a pair of my own but I always shove my feet in other people’s.

    Wawa is mecca.

    But the reusable bag idea is wonderful.

    I would love a sinus pillow. What do you put in them?

  2. RuthWells says:

    I always do foodstuffs for teachers. Yeah, it’s boring.

  3. choosy says:

    I like the reusable bag idea too. It seems pertinent to teachers. They are always schlepping.

    In fact, I may steal it.

  4. Kelly says:

    Target? Always a great gift card.

  5. GeekChick says:

    Sinus pillows for Bugaboo’s school. The reusable gift bags (if you insist on pulling a Martha) or the gift cards for Bug Boy. Having said that – wanna do some shopping for me? LOL

  6. kehouse says:

    Oh God. Teachers? I didn’t even think of this yet. (First year with preschool.) Thanks for reminding me. (AND TOTALLY STRESSING ME OUT.)

  7. MemeGRL says:

    Ruth–your foodstuffs? Never boring.
    Whatever’s easiest for you but I have a bag fetish so that’s my vote.

  8. Janice says:

    First off, I DO HATE you! LOL Actually my shopping is coming together pretty well. I am still debating though on making my Nieces hate me for buying their girls yet one more doll.. I LOVE dolls! The kids love them, but their Moms say enough! Once again I can’t seem to figure out what to buy my 85 yr old Dad.
    Tote bags are great teachers gifts.

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