Your Wildest Fantasy


November 30, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

C’mon, admit it. We’ve all got ’em.  And whether you admit it or not, some of them are pretty WAAAAAAAY out there, or hot-and-steamy, or just plain strange.  So we’re going to do something a little different here at Chez DG.  We’re gonna fess up and tell.  And you can do it anonymously.  But just for this one post.

Here it goes…

I have this weird recurring nightmare. The one where I’m a young widow? I know it doesn’t sound like a fantasy.  It isn’t. I just have that nightmare because I have a husband who likes to tempt fate. Seriously?  Dude is nuts. He likes to live on the edge. He has calmed down quite a bit since we were teens (We’ve known each other since the ripe old age of nineteen) and is a mature and rational guy. He just likes to…well, do things a little differently. Most of the time he is successful. But that nightmare?  It involves him at dangerous speeds and a collision.  And me in black for a year.

But now the fantasy part…

The dream always involves me finding love where I least expect it. Like, from a movie star that I meet at Fairmount Park when I get a rare break for my kids. Or, the Internet guy I’ve never met in real life but I decide to fly there and see him and true love blossoms.  Or, the Hot Roofer Guy pops up on my doorstep one day, we go out for pizza and *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*.  They all end up sorta…E.R.O.T.I.C.  As in, YOWZAH, that was steamy. I don’t get it.  I’m happily married, have no plans of ever leaving him and yet I dream about marrying these guys when my husband dies?  Sick and twisted, yo. Don’t get me started on the fantasy at the beach…and I hate the beach.

Sure, it’s a dream. Not really a fantasy. But sometimes I find myself reliving these “dreams” during the day in daydreams.  Like, I’m halfway between asleep and awake, and I think about it. Or I’m in bed watching House Hunters on my DVR (because I’m all exciting like that) and I start going off into La-La Land about it. It’s the weirdest thing.

But the one real fantasy I have?  It involves Bugaboo. And talking.  And him being at a regular, neighborhood school. And he doesn’t run away and he doesn’t strip nekkid and he doesn’t need diapers anymore.  He hugs me before he leaves for school, tells me he loves me, tells me I’m the worst mommy EVER and sits at the table complaining about his homework or telling me one day he looooooves chicken and the next day he haaaaates chicken.   Sounds good, no?  And it IS a fantasy (DON’T ARGUE) because there ain’t a snowball’s chance in H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks this kid is going to our local school, my friends. And not to sound like a negative nanny, but he ain’t gonna talk, either. And if he does?  I’ll take him to Paris as my punishment for ever doubting him.

So let’s go. FESS UP. Tell me.  Do it anonymously.  C’mon.


I’ll wait.

5 thoughts on “Your Wildest Fantasy

  1. rockle says:

    i have dreams about putting on The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. like, i have designed SETS AND COSTUMES AND BLOCKING SCHEMES and everything. everything down to the RACIAL MAKEUP OF THE DANCERS who will be doing the christmas swing and charlie brown christmas skating numbers.

    this pageant involves SLEIGHS pulled by LIVE HORSES. i have even looked into how much it would cost to rent reindeer. every christmas, this happens. sigh … if only i could win the lottery and actually DO it.

  2. Kirsten says:

    The only dreams of my husband passing are with paying off debt with the life insurance. Erotic dreams you would have to read Ann Rice’s Sleeping Beauty. I read that a decade ago and still think of it. Dreams of my children… are following their dreams without thinking “I can’t do that because of…” Dreams for me, that is the question. What do I want? Weekly trips to the spa would be nice. I enjoyed PT because I got a massage and away from the kids twice a week, but what would I do. I always wanted to be a mom. ALWAYS! And I am fortunate enough to have to great kids. Yes, one with autism who challenges me but also fits in with me. The other who is a social butterfly. I am told I was also as a kid but was stifled along the way to my social anxiety I now have. I would love to move to Europe for a decade or so. Learn the cuisine and the languages. Teach my children a more rounded view of the world. Travel. I have never lived more than minutes from I-95 I would travel.

  3. Farva says:

    First of WOW……Way to share….Bold and empowering.

    As for my dreams ?

    I always have the dream I m running at work and then and shot. Not killled, just injured and then I kill all the bad guys. Weird. Cause sometimes there a version I m in this kung fu fighting scene at work….LOL…PS I dont run….LOL

    Theres also a dream that I get my mountain house, motorcycle, and F250. Its all material and none of it matters as long as I have Family and friends behind me.

    I also have this dream, that I make a difference in someones life to the point where, we become greats friends.

    I also have a dream the bugaboo will talk, but it will be at a Flyers games where he says something yelling at the ref for a bad call or maybe at Christmas where he says the movie line God bless us EVERYONE…..LOL

    I also have this dream, I m at the Flyers game and they call me on my cell inbetween periods cause both goalies were injured in a weird accident in the locker room…LOL…this is at a away game where I traveled with the fan club…LOL

    There is also this dream where my construction projects come out looking GOOD and PERFECT and without any INJURY….LOL…..

    Theres also one where Jennifer Anniston gets a flat and needs help fixing it, then treats me to dinner and then……..? I will keep this G rated..>LOL……

    And finally theres a Dream I become the perfect verision of myself and then realize as long as I m happy healthy and have the GREAT family and friends I have NOW…..Life is the way it should be….

  4. lora says:

    I have tons, but none of them are extreme. I am so boring!

    I do have this burning desire to have an amazing “Golden Era” where I travel Europe and look like Anjelica Houston in The Life Aquatic and pick up all these fabulous lovers and eat great food and drink locally made booze (not wine. ick).

  5. choosy says:

    Look! I’m back to the blogosphere just in time to share in your fantasies! Yay!

    Let’s see. I have day-mares all the time. Where I wander off to what if land. Most feature tragedy involving family so I am with you on the dead spouse gig.

    However. I don’t trip the light erotic too much. But I rarely if ever “know” who is in my dreams and so I have “done it” with many faceless wonders in my day.

    As for non erotic fantasies.
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    Horse rescue
    Kids and dogs everywhere
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