November 24, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

Last night I had the pleasure of hanging with some rockin’ blog peeps. I nearly bailed!  I’m glad I didn’t!  I am up to my eyeballs in stuff to do today (which I could have done last night) but the sangria was totally worth it.  And so was the flourless chocolate cake I had while everyone else was eating food.  Because I’m all about health around these here parts.

Also?  The company was worth it. Totally.  It’s nice to feel normal and sane.  Because they’re all as jacked up as I am, and that’s awesome.

Anyways, It was a grand time, we went to this trendy little place in The City of Brotherly Love and I met these lovely people (some of whom I had the pleasure of meeting before):

Daddy Scratches (and his lovely, lovely wife!  Warm and happy people!)

Uppercase Woman (who has awesome hair and tattoos), Cecily

Bossy (She’s very tall)

Ruth (her car died on the way there)

Well-Read Hostess, who I aspire to be one day (funny and witty)

Nutmeg (who thinks she’s quitting blogging, but I’m not letting her)

Lori (she’s mom of the year, just like me!)

Lora (if I were gay, I’d marry her. Seriously?  Cute, sweet and lovely. And I want my hair to be just like hers)

The neat little place we went to was tex-mex. I appreciated their bartender (with a thick Irish Rogue) and the thrash metal that was on in the bar.  With MNF on the big screens.  And the 70s Italian Tile decor in the bathrooms.  In a Mexican Place. And speaking of bathrooms, what the heck is it with places that put the toilet paper roll on so that you can only get about a pinch of one square of tissue every time you attempt to roll the roll forward, only to get a piece that would not wipe your thumb dry, let alone your whole Hoohaa?  And then I was in there forever, rolling and rolling and rolling and I am sure at some point someone at the table was all, “OMG SHE’S BEEN IN THERE FOREVER.  SHE’S TOTALLY POOING.”  when I was really in there all, “OMG I HAVE TO GET BACK TO MY AWESOME GLASS OF SANGRIA AND THAT CAAAAAAAKE BEFORE THEY THINK I’M POOING.”

I put my phone on vibrate so that my husband couldn’t call me and be all, “OMG.  ARE YOU COMING HOOOOOOME?  THE KIDS!  THE KIDS!”  Except tonight he decided to text me, making these…ahem…references to my anatomy and how I was a hot MILF all night.  Because he knew I was having wine and had a silk shirt on.  And tight jeans.  And he was all about that, you see.

And I was all about that, too, you see.

So yeah.  There was that.

I’m so glad I procrastinated and ditched housework and Turkey Day Prep and hung out with real live happy people instead, because I’m now a real live people. Er, person. Anyways, I’m happier because of it. Because it’s nice to see nice people and feel nice inside and stuff.

I’m such an eloquent speaker.

But now I’m happier than I was. And I’m pretty happy. I’m a very happy person.  Most of the time. Except when I’m not.    But now I am. Got it?  Good.

Move along, move along, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for…


3 thoughts on “Fiesta!

  1. RuthWells says:

    Attagirl! I’m glad you came, and glad you stayed. (And, for the record, the frickin’ car repair is costing me $1,000. Most! Expensive! Dinner! Ever!)

  2. Lori says:

    I am so glad you came! It was a great time and nice to be around all of you lively fun folks. Can’t wait for the next one. Good luck with you huge dinner tomorrow! {I bow to you}

  3. Lora says:

    I will marry you tomorrow.
    And it really is a great haircut. No combing necessary. Wet it and toss a little olive oil in there. Seriously.

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