You Don’t Say!


November 6, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

I often have waaaaay too many things rolling around in my head.  In other words, I have tons I want to say, I just can’t get it OUT, you see.  So when I stumble across what other people are saying, and it’s what I’ve been thinking, I get all, “OMG!  That’s it!  They just put into words what I’ve been thinking!”  And I get giddy and silly and I’ve got to share it with everyone I know.

So.  The marriage equality thing?  This guy says what I want to say.  Except he says it waaaaaay better than I ever could.

The Phillies?  Who dat?  Poor Cole Hamels, the scapegoat of the city.  How quickly people jump off the bandwagon.  And man, do they jump on and off with ferocious speed here.

I’m not Anti-vax or Pro-vax.  But this is how I feel about this situation.  Complete neuro shutdown from a flu shot?  Can you say conversion disorder?

Beware on social network sites. Just sayin’ (I knew there was a catch!  I KNEW IT!).

Hows ’bout them apples!

Of course, I might just be peevish because I’m cranky because I’m tired because I’ve got a sick kid (and a husband who thinks it’s ok to feel me up when I’m snuggling with sick kids.  N.O.T.).


2 thoughts on “You Don’t Say!

  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked what I wrote!

  2. lora says:

    one of these links just saved my sanity. thank you.

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