Someone Told Me A Nasty Rumor It Was Friday


October 23, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

I blinked and OMG IT’S FRIDAY.  It sounds awfully cliche, but it’s true.  This week just flew by.  Now, what was it that was keeping DG busy this week, dear Internets?  Dare you ask?

Monday, DG was still recovering from the mystery migraine that plagued her during her sister’s wedding.  So she woke up, got the kids off to school and proceeded to SLEEP ALL DAY. Ok, it was only four hours or so. But still equally glorious.

Tuesday, DG tried to clean up her pigsty castle and then entertained her adorable nephew for a few hours. Don’t argue. He’s adorable. Just look:


Wednesday, DG was in the car pretty much all day.  First she dropped off her kid at school, since the evil bus driver is still driving.  Then she went ran to the grocery store, dropped off recycling, picked up her cans (that she dropped off in stealth mode at her friend’s house, since DG’S tiny town doesn’t do plastic), went to the post office, dropped off at Goodwill, picked up a prescription and stopped to get a new DVD burner for the computer because?  BUGABOO.  Then she picked up the two little boys she babysits, took them home for lunch, played and played and played, took them home (and met their momma at the train station because it was fun), picked Bug Boy up from school, drove home, got Bugaboo, drove to his appointment and drove home again.  And then it was 8:00.  Day over.

Thursday, DG went to Bug Boy’s IEP meeting and it was THE BEST ONE EVER.  No, really. His team at school is amazing, they all love him. They all think he is bright, polite, cheerful, kind and loving.  Lucky for us, he saves up the raging temper episodes until he gets home. BUT!  Progress!  He’s making it!  As in, waaaaaaay above benchmarks, this kid.  And his behavior has improved, he raises his hands in class, he catches up on all of his work, he FOLLOWS directions AND!  He loves school. They couldn’t say enough great things about him.  I’m happy we are finally on the upswing with this kid.  After the BEST IEP EVER, I babysat the EASIEST BABY EVER.  No really, she is EASY.  Happy, cheerful, playful and sweet. The kid cries for two seconds, if at all.  She amuses herself with doors while I do dishes. She takes a half-hour to walk five houses down because she wants to stop and look at everything. It’s such a pleasant experience, watching NORMAL kids.  And then, DG received another dog-sitting dog.  This one is small and cute and quiet but she’s…um…let’s just say she needs doggy Jenny Craig.  She’s a bit…um…rounder than most dogs her size.  We’re gonna work on that.  She’ll be here 2-3 weeks.  She and Shadow are good chums. She and Bristol? NOT SO MUCH.   And I might keep her and give them Bristol, because BRISTOL THE WONDER DOG ate my DIVA CUP.  And I’m not happy, because it was a brand-spanking-new one that I JUST got (it was clean, no worries) and I had to run out to the pharmacy last night and buy actual female supplies and I’m just pissed off about it.  Grrrr…puppies…grumble…grumble…good thing she’s cute.


Cute dog being attacked by evil-puppy.

DSC03058evil puppy behind bars

And today?  Today DG has her weekly massage (after she drops off the boy). Then she has to come home, bake for tonight’s bake sale at the fall fair, make a Chinese Dish for UN luncheon day at school, go to UN luncheon, clean up UN luncheon, come home ,try to nap fast, tidy up the house, go pick up boy from school, come home to get other boy from his beloved bus, wait for babysitter for Bugaboo, go pick up nephew, take five kids to the school’s fall fair, drop nephew off, go home.  And by then it will be eight o’clock.

And just so you know? DG will spend the weekend completely ignoring the fact that there is impending doom on Monday.  Impending Doom in the form of Turning Another Year Older.  Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Someone Told Me A Nasty Rumor It Was Friday

  1. shattered says:

    Easy like Sunday morning

  2. RuthWells says:

    Well, that clinches it — I’m organizing a coffee posse for Saturday. Next Saturday, not this Saturday. We can sing happy birthday to you over lattes!

  3. Kelly says:

    Your week makes me want to take a nap. How are you babysitting and dogsitting on your child-free time? Honey, are you nuts? Wait…don’t answer that. I am too, it’s okay.

    I like hearing about Bug Buy’s IEP meeting. That’s great news. So great.

    (And I’m totally inviting myself to coffee. Hopefully, this time I’ll be able to actually make it!!)

  4. tex says:

    Re: I.E.P. That’s really cool he’s already into Internet Explorer Programming. Microsoft needs help with that.

  5. Um…tex…Yeah. About the IEP.

    It actually stands for INTERNATIONAL EXPORTING POSSE. You down wit that?

  6. She Started It says:

    Awesome for the great IEP! And happy, happy birthday!

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