Please, Please Tell Me Now, is There Something I Should Know?


October 8, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

I have a confession to make.

Actually, I have several confessions to make.  And I’m gonna make them in a second, ok?  Stop being so impatient.  But first, I have to say this: I want you to share, too. It’s only fair.  If I spill my guts?  You have to spill yours. You may not want to know ANY OF THIS about me, but what the heck?  I haven’t got a thing to lose.  Except my sanity. And SURPRISE!  It’s gone already!

So, without further ado, my confessions:

I really am that addicted to potatoes.  I always say it as a joke, but it is no joke. If potatoes were a drug I’d be an addict.

I shave some things most people don’t and then I’m lax about the stuff I should shave on a regular basis. The good news is that it is getting colder and most people won’t notice. Except my husband.

I detest having my hair cut. It is nearly painful for me.  I avoid it like the plague

I like dogs more than people, it turns out. No offense.  I just get dogs and I think they get me. I’m never misunderstood.

The sound of grass or trees being cut is worse than nails on a blackboard to me.

I like to play in dirt and love to plant things.

I like staying home while my kids are at school because I need that much time to clear my head, de-stress and recuperate from spending a whopping five hours a day with them.  And Mondays I am basically in a coma.  If I ever have to go back to work (you know, besides babysitting and stuff) I will cry.

I’m allergic to nuts, peanuts, shellfish and asparagus.  I’m allergic to asparagus.  I eat it once a year.

I am allergic to dogs.  Shut up.

I’ve never been outside the US except for Canada, and that doesn’t count because it’s attached and they speak English. They do, however, have prettier money.

I bought dried bull p*nis for my dog. She loves it.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m afraid to talk on the phone. I really cannot stand it. I tend to talk to fast and hang up as soon as possible. I also practice what I’m going to say before I get on the phone.

I cannot balance the checkbook. I tutor math (and I’m good at math) but for some reason financial responsibility is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.  Just does not resonate with me.

Ok, now it is your turn. C’mon, come out of lurker status and tell me at least one thing. One creepy, disturbing or weird thing.  It’ll make you feel good…good…good.

Ready?  GO!

9 thoughts on “Please, Please Tell Me Now, is There Something I Should Know?

  1. feefifoto says:

    I never drink while I eat, no matter how spicy the food. The meal ends, everyone else prepares to pay the bill, get up and leave, and I have to make them wait while I slam down a glass of water.

  2. choosy says:

    I am bad at math, and I can’t balance anything. Not my check book, not my work to life ratio, nothing.

    I like horses more than people.

    I am allergic to horses (you are not alone).

    I am also much more vigilant with a razor in areas only a husband can love. The rest tends to stay fuzzy.

    I tend to lose friends like you would a wallet or a purse, no reason, no explanation just you look around and – gone. It’s not something I will ever understand.

    I am claustrophobic.

    I am also afraid of the dark.

    My worst fear is that I will be on fire, trapped in an elevator car that sinks in to water where I drown. Look, you just saw my hell.

    I used to dream I could fly when I was a child. I miss those dreams. Like an ache.

  3. RuthWells says:

    I can make a three-leaf clover with my tongue.

    Weird enough?

  4. Suzie Long says:

    i have lost most of my interest in sex, am 60 lbs. overweight (connection here?), i don’t shave down there. My fears are a 1) house fire at night and how we will all escape the bedrooms upstairs, 2) car accidents and am a nut about carseats, 5 point restraints, and proper buckling 3) kids drowning. Theme here?
    I used to dream about bears a lot and swimming in large bodies of water. My son and husband call me ‘the Bear’ secretly. I used to fly in my dreams as well and I miss that. I used to fall from the sky, land and bounce back up way high. Don’t remember dreams as much now. Also don’t sleep as much.
    I have become a ‘nag’ just like someone else I grew up with. There are some boys in this house with selective hearing/attention/focus issues.

  5. Funny, I have dream where I am flying still but When I’m flying I’m doing breast stroke. My bad dreams are BEING LATE FOR THINGS (my major anxiety issue) and leaving my kids/losing them (think I’m worked up about Bugaboo escaping?)

    I have also lost most interest in s.e.x. Go figure. I wonder if the stress has anything to do with it.

  6. DeNise Lussier says:

    I hate the feel of dryer sheets.

    My favorite food is Ranch dressing. I eat it on everything.

    I have an acute sense of smell. I really dislike laundry detergent and dryer sheets that have a smell. I can smell people’s laundry detergent on their clothes.

    I like strawberry favored things, but not strawberries. I like oranges, but not orange flavored anything. I like bananas, but not banana flavored anything.

    My favorite color is white, and most people think that is weird.

    Here you go…just some interesting tidbits for you! 🙂

  7. lora says:

    I shave everything but my legs except for in the hottest of the summer months.

    I hate the sound of the vacuum as much as you hate the sound of the mower.


    It does things to me that most humans never experience.

    Yes, I vacuum.
    It’s not as bad if I’m the one making this noise.

    My child feels the same way about the vacuum and the toilet. I extend him the courtesy of flushing and sweeping when he isn’t in the room.

    Those little drink umbrellas are like treasure to me. Remember getting one when you were little? I still feel the same way.

  8. Merlot says:

    We got a bull shlong as a gift for the dog at Lovey Girl’s baby shower and she LOVED it (the dog I mean).

    Hmm, weird thing? I have a terrible memory and cannot carry a tune. I’m the only one at Lovey Girls little baby classes whose mommmy is a stinky singer and has to rely on the written words they give out for the loser dilinquent mommy’s. I also have an odor fetish. If I think something smells I’ll search it out so I can get rid of it. Even if it means I have get down on my hands and knees and sniff everything. I’m slightly obsessive compulsive about clutter and I spend a lot of time de-cluttering yet having a dusty dog hair covered house doesn’t bother me a bit.

  9. I dream of moving away from PA almost every day.
    I don’t move because in spite of being the indie woman I am, I am afraid to move and be alone yet again.
    I also detest that nobody loves me enough to leave blog comments anymore. I tell myself I don’t care, and for the most part, I don’t. But sometimes late at night — I do.

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