A Whole New Me


October 5, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

I am not sure if it was three days of peace and quiet (and solitude and serenity.  And, OH!  Did I mention how quiet it was?) or the, ahem, getting to know each other but I came back from our weekend away with a renewed sense of being. I am well-rested, happy and restored. Funny how three days doing nothing but sleeping and eating (and, ahem, you know.) can charge the batteries up for another go at life.

Like, before this weekend I’d be really ticked off at what happened on Bug Boy’s bus on Friday. There was a bit of an incident that goes like this:

It’s just ongoing stuff. He hates the bus (Bug Boy does, Bugaboo LOVES IT) and the driver is the one from two years ago when he got in all kinds of trouble. The driver picks on him A LOT. Friday, the kids were being loud on the bus and singing, Luke was crying and holding his ears and screaming for them to stop, the bus aide told him to stop acting like a baby and told the kids to sing louder. I’m not happy.

Thank you cut and paste.

But today?  Today I can handle it RATIONALLY. Because, while I’m a squeaky wheel and I know I can attract more flies with honey than I can with vinegar, I also know that they BETTER NOT F*CK WITH ME OR MY KID.  And I also know that being a Home and School member and a stalker frequent letter-writer to the school board gets me results.  Just sayin’.

Also?  Before this relaxing weekend I’d be a tad pissed that they closed YET ANOTHER ROAD between my little town and, well, the rest of the freaking world and I have to go all kinds of crazy directions JUST TO GET TO TARGET. It’s really pissing me off, y’all. But!  Here’s the thing!  Before this weekend I’d be raging!  Today?  I just silently give them the finger and move on!  It’s a win-win!

And while I’m ignoring e-mail and phone calls and such (because I have a stack of paperwork two telephone books high) due to October being National-DG-IEP-Preparation-Month, I’m holding it together nicely. I’ve been back for just past twenty-four hours and I haven’t tried to kill anyone.  And my kids didn’t make me insane, I wasn’t pissed that they went to bed in their clothes and didn’t get baths when I went out for a parent meeting and the house isn’t as clean as I left it.  The old me last week?  Would have gone to bed in tears.  The new me this week? Oh well, it’ll get done tomorrow.  And also the new me this week?  Passive Aggressive, baby! It’s more fun!  Keep ’em guessing!

A little R&R goes a long way. And my sisters are completely insane amazing for giving us this opportunity four years in a row.

8 thoughts on “A Whole New Me

  1. GeekChick says:

    I want to make it a couple of times a year, for all you do for us! Let’s talk to the older sis and see if we can make it happen. It was actually a good weekend – and Bugaboo was a joy, mostly. I’m more than happy to do this for you. And a little insane.

  2. She Started It says:

    AWESOME! You sound fantastic and recharged.

  3. Merlot says:

    It’s great that you two got to spend quality time together and you’re feeling more relaxed!

  4. lora says:

    there is NOTHING in the world that bothers me more than when people laugh at or comment on the fact that any non-routine noise sends my child in to an ear-covering, tear-inducing, breath-gasping state of himself. The desperation in his eyes should tell people that there is something wrong.

    But instead it’s an invitation to tell him to get over it. To giggle and point. To ask questions but not to ask questions in a “can I help him?” way of asking.


    Glad to hear you got… you know’ed

  5. pkzcass says:

    So glad it was a great weekend. Yes, I agree with your sister, they need to do this for you more often. How about once a month?

  6. Keep us posted on the results!

  7. Janice says:

    Oh yeh, like calling him a baby is gonna cure the entire problem??? The idiot on the bus knows better and needs reprimanded. That’s cruel.
    Maybe at least one day and night away every couple of months would give you a little break of sorts. Wish I lived close, I’d help you! I love kids, and understand.

  8. […] one summer on a “regular” bus (by an aide! Who received a long vacation!) and Bug Boy’s issues with last year’s driver and aide telling him he was a baby for crying (OH YES. THEY DID.), […]

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