Yes, I Know What Today Is


September 11, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

It started out innocently enough. I had Bug Boy and my niece (babies at the time! How quickly they grow!) in the double stroller, Bugaboo wasn’t even conceived yet. We walked around the neighborhood on a chilly fall morning and soaked in the beautiful sunshine and listened to the birds chirping madly.  It was quiet.  Too quiet.  WAY TOO QUIET. Y’all? I live five minutes from an airport. Ok, TEN because of sucky traffic and a new exit ramp.  But seriously? Not one plane was taking off.

A few minutes later we got home, I handed the kids their breakfast and turned on the morning news programs.  Instead of Katie and Matt and Al and Ann I was watching a smoking World Trade Center.  And then they were showing the Pentagon. And then I watched another plane hit.  And then I cried. And cried.  And didn’t move for hours, even to eat.  The babies didn’t know what was happening.  They couldn’t know.  One minute I was an innocent, ignorant new mom, out with my babies for a walk.  The next minute I was wondering why I wanted to have children if this was the world they were going to inherit. I felt utterly alone and horrified.

I pretty much sat there for a week. But the first day? I’ve never cried so much in my life. I’ve never been so horrified. I’ve never openly wept over babies dying, babies losing their Daddies and Mommies, communities losing their heroes.  I did that day.

Here we are eight years later.  Politically heated arguments, untruths spreading like wildfire and finger-pointing is the norm.  Seriously. We came together as a country that day. We need to do it again. We aren’t much better off, y’all.  We need to find a middle ground.  Those people who died that day?  They died praying and hoping that someone would carry on, that we’d see to it that they didn’t die in vain.  And now I have family members, friends and neighbors, even perfect strangers, trying to make sure that never, ever happens again.

Please join me in putting aside our differences, thinking about those who lost their lives innocently, those who rushed inside of burning and collapsing buildings to save people they never met in their entire lives (instead of saving themselves).  Please join me in thinking about those who survived and the horror they have lived with every day since.  Take five minutes to think about what it really means.  F*ck politics, healthcare and speeches.  F*ck death panels and deficits. F*ck macrame!  (Ten points for the person who can name that film).

Just five minutes. That’s all it takes.

5 thoughts on “Yes, I Know What Today Is

  1. lora says:

    I had friends who were new moms or pregnant at the time, and that was the overwhelming attitude. Why should we bring children into this world?

    It’s horrifying.

  2. gigi says:

    i was pregnant with kelly & working on 51st street. i heard the jets circling manhattan & i smelled the smoke. the city was quiet except for sirens & falling paper. my husband is NYPD & lost 2 friends that day. he spent most of the rest of the year digging through the dust to find them, find something for their families to bury. they finally did right before Christmas.

    we will never ever forget that horrific & terrible day.

  3. GeekGyrll says:

    I was 7 months pregnant, and sitting at work when suddenly the place erupted in chaos. They dismissed us. I rushed home – traffic was eerily polite and quiet. It was weird. I got home and my entire neighborhood was silent. I was going crazy -My ex was in NY at a client’s office and I could not get a hold of him, cell lines were jamme d or down. I was freaking cause I wanted him to get home (he was in Northern NY – nowhere near Manhatten, but I was still freaking out). I sat and cried alone for HOURS while I watched the news with horror. I cried for those that died, those that had loved ones in the mess, and for my unborn child. And for the fact that I knew that the world would never be the same again. It was like that single event ripped my innocence away.
    But I also came to value life, joy, and the little things that make life worth living so much more than I ever had. I cherished the movement of my baby in my belly that night like I never had.
    I learned one thing from all of it -No one knows why evil exists in this world, but that shouldn’t stop us from living life on purpose.

    I also felt like I was crazy for wanting a child in this insanity, but that wasn’t what he was conceived for. I was bringing him into the world to make it a better place. I still believe he will 🙂

  4. Muppy says:

    Was thinking much the same dahlink. I had just found out about B the week before, working in some tiny town near the badlands when the boss comes up to tell us the next project was delayed because the PI couldn’t get a plane. That’s how I found out. Crazy little thing this life, eh?

    In remembering those who died, let’s also remember those who survived, while the country seems to forget them. Hundreds of G-0 survivors dying or dead of cancer and counting while We the Sheeple keep on bleeting. Baaaa

    Goin’ to Canada. Wanna come, eh? We can take the Mom Car and stay up all night. Promise!

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