September 10, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

I realize that the choice to get involved in Home and School activities at your child’s school is a personal one.  I know that there are working parents out there, not all of them are Stay-at-home types like I am and not all of them love being around children and love being in the classroom working with them.  There are, however, many ways that parents can contribute to what goes on in the school and behind the scenes.  I keep wondering why if there are thirty to forty dedicated (AND I MEAN DEDICATED) people helping out, why are they the same ones that help out OVER AND OVER and OVER AND OVER?  Where is everyone else?

Like I said, I know time and work schedules sometimes don’t allow it. But the parents that are involved at Bug Boy’s school have a variety of issues and skills and they still find time to volunteer.  Heck, I am the FREAKING CO- VICE PRESIDENT this year. Next year I’ll be co-President. If I can do it?  Anyone can. I don’t have a big budget. I cannot donate fancy stuff. And yet I still manage to send in a pack of napkins or send in baked goods or type the phone chain or help out with sorting back-to-school packets or…you name it.  And?  One of the wealthiest parents in school that lives in one of the biggest houses and spends her day doing coffee, tea and racquetball?  Has yet to send in so much as a paper cup, fill out a permission form or show up at a meeting.  It just really irks me.  You only have to help out ONCE.  If everyone did that?  The rest of us wouldn’t have to work so hard.  We ain’t a bunch of control-freak micromanagers, I swear it.  We love our kids just as much as you do. But we also realize how much hard work this all takes, yo.  Do your part.

Phew. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  Now, please excuse me while I wrastle up volunteers.

3 thoughts on “Ponderings

  1. Lori says:

    As a full time working mom, I wish I could do more physically to help out at my daughter’s daycare like going on trips and pitching in during the day. But I settle for helping the ways I can like making calls to local reps when asked, bringing in the little things they need, etc. I am surprised to hear parents don’t want to get involved, since I hate the fact that I am so limited as to what I can do. I always feel like I am disappointing her because my presence is not obvious like it is with the other moms and dads. I hope you get the volunteers you need! Good luck!

  2. Suzlong says:

    there will always be those who will give more than others, because of their nature or nurture. but i agree that if everyone helped out a bit, the load would be less.

  3. pkzcass says:

    You’re preachin’ to the choir sista! I’ve been doing the volunteering thing for SEVEN years. I think it’s just the way some people are. I got involved initially because I wanted to meet parents of my son’s school friends. That part has been great. The not so great part: people saying we’re a “clique” or that we’re power hungry or whatever.

    I think that even if you work outside the home and do behind the scenes stuff at your kids’ school, then it’s a huge help. But face it, it’s always the same people. Fortunately, there are those 40 or so parents who want to help out. Otherwise…madness!

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