Did I Mention?


August 28, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but Bugaboo starts his new school (#1 awesome school) on Monday. As in, this Monday, August 31.  As in, THREE DAYS, PEOPLE!  This time on Monday? I’ll be sipping my tea in peace. Mostly.  I’ll have a guest pupper for the week and Bug Boy will be home, but I think we’ll make it.  It’s still better than sipping my tea amongst absolute chaos and spilling it as I run after Bugaboo because he’s nekkid and peeing on the floor or is running with scissors (he fails kindergarten already) or dumping stuff on the floor.

Speaking of puppers?  Might be getting one.  Today. As in, at noon we’re going to meet a widdle baby puppy to see if our home is her home. Yes, I am insane! Yes, I’m sure I want to do this!  And yes, I’ve thought it through a million times.  We’ve weighed our options, made decisions, checked out many avenues and we ultimately decided we could not live with ourselves if we purchased a dog. Therefore, we went back to checking out rescues. The good news?  No shortage of dogs, plenty of selection and the one we found has one of the lowest fees but they are devoted to rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters. The bad news?  It is freaking depressing how many animals are in shelters. Filled to the gills, my friends.  Since our local shelters were mostly filled with breeds and dogs that would NOT work with certain children with certain erratic autistic behaviors, we are adopting a puppy from this rescue.  Shadow is a black lab/border collie mix (as far as we know! Could be more!) and new pupper is?  Black lab/border collie mix. As far as we know.  Her mother was, anyway.  So, around noon today, we may meet the pup of our dreams.  Stay tuned.

DH is off today. He took off to hang out with us, get his motorcycle inspected, sleep in and be lazy. So naturally, that means he has scheduled a meeting at ten this morning. Which means he’ll be holed up in our bedroom for Gosh-knows how long. Which means I have to make an attempt at keeping my screaming banshees downstairs AND quiet for about an hour…


Yesterday I realized a few things.  One, I love being with children and I’m glad I was a special education major.  I just don’t know if I want to do it forever. In other words, I don’t think I want to do it at ALL right now.  I don’t mind babysitting/child care because it is fun and relaxed and flexible.  But I do not want to go back to teaching.  So what do I want to do? Well, I’ve been thinking I want to go back to school for my original pipe dream.  Veterinary medicine. Not sure if I’m gonna be a Vet, Vet tech, Receptionist, trainer or doggy babysitter, but I know how much I love being with doggies.  Dog sitting so many furbabies this summer made me realize that.  Now, how to tell my husband?  Perhaps I should have taken that SUNY scholarship to be a Zoologist afterall…Hindsight is 20/20.

Bugaboo is nekkid. All day. Can’t wait to see how this works at school.  He doesn’t want the pullups anymore and takes the underwear off after about five minutes.  And then he gets in one of our ENORMOUS first-floor picture windows.  Nekkid.  And we live on a corner, where you can see three sides of our house from the street (one side of our house has no windows. Strange but true).  Glad the local pedophile got deported.  And that the police sarge lives across the street.

Lady Gaga annoys the heck out of me.  She needs to wear pants.  And flattering clothing. And less makeup.  And?  I don’t get her or her “music”.  But whatevs.

Shadow is the best doggy ever.  She ain’t out of the woods (her kidneys and liver are still in failure) but she’s currently stable.  Which means we may not have to make that difficult decision for a while.  Phew.

Next week I’m hosting my father’s seventieth birthday party.  Just immediate family and a few friends but enough to make me anxious about getting the house clean. I have one week to get it in order.  The dust, chocolate handprints and general grime are embarassing.  Naturally, I started this morning by cleaning one of the three bathrooms. Because they will CERTAINLY stay clean for an entire week, right?  N.O.T.

I’d love to know if there is a faucet in my head producing all of the mucus emanating from my spooky honker.  Either I have brain fluid leaking a la ancient Egyptian methods or the snot factory in the back of my throat is working round-the-clock shifts and paying the boogers overtime.  I know you all wanted to hear about my snot. I’m a nice person so I decided to humor you (but seriously?  The cough is gone but the allergies are TEH SUCKY and I haven’t been able to smell or taste in a few days so I may as well be eating sand and paper.  Bugaboo eats sand and paper. ).

2 thoughts on “Did I Mention?

  1. tex says:

    I’m really glad it worked out that you are going the shelter route- and I’m sure you’d make a great vet or vet tech or whatever you put your mind to.. (p.s. don’t mention that you don’t like ladygaga to pfc.. she loves her..)

  2. She Started It says:

    Oh yea for the first day of school! It sounds like you (and he) will absolutely love it!

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