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August 15, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

Here’s hoping I didn’t scare the ones of people that read my blawg with my previous whiny bitchy rant.  Every so often it is morally imperative that I hit rock bottom so that I remember how great it is to be on the top. Or middle.  Or one step above the bottom, because that’s where I usually reside.

Yup, got some sleep.  Three nights now, to be exact.  Did you know that if you get, say, eight hours of sleep you feel WELL-RESTED and happy and you feel like doing stuff?  Like, rearranging closets, cleaning the shit hole playroom and finishing about five projects you might be in the middle of?  Strange but true!

Also?  I have been running an unofficial experiment involving cell phones and driving.  In three days I’ve been nearly killed eighteen out of twenty times when someone has been talking on their cell phone whilst driving.  I’m not exaggerating, either (OK, I totally am and have no idea how many times it has been but I’m trying to prove a point here.  So there).

Also Also? If they don’t stop screwing with my Tarzhay I might hurt someone. I cannot find anything.  See, we have a two-floor Tarzhay and I used to know EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THAT STORE and now I don’t.  They also painted it RED (it used to be gray with red accents) and it is making me angry.  Red is the devil. I like soft, muted colors.  I’m pretty sure they did it because some kind of f*cked up study told them that people buy more crap when stores are red.  They are building a brand-new one less than a mile down the same road and it opens soon. If it is red I might drop to the floor and die the second I walk in there.  Then I will come back to life and  head to the end caps and see what’s on clearance.

Also cubed?  Bugaboo is off for two weeks now.  It would have been nearly a month but he is FINISHED early intervention and is going to start his amazing new #1 choice school in TWO WEEKS!  I can hardly wait, I’m so excited.  This coming week we get to go to his new school for an afternoon visit and the next day have a family day to attend there.  I am looking forward to meeing folks.  It is the one thing about his preschool that I did not like. They had a monthly parent group meeting (that I attended often) but the school was militant about not letting parents come in, visit, etc.  Our #2 school choice was very much the same way so I was VERY HAPPY when #1 school came through because they night only allow parents to observe but they ENCOURAGE it several times a month. They even have little fancy-schmancy observation rooms.

Also the fourth?  We see the Awesome Neuro next week.  If I don’t get some insight shed on Bugaboo’s recent behaviors I will go completely mad.  He sleep has been erratic, he is restless and he has been quite aggressive.  Today he beat the holy-ever-living tar out of me.  Kicked, bit, scratched and slapped.  In ten more pounds I am going to end up in the ER.  His ten pounds, not mine.  You wouldn’t think it, but a forty-five-pound, forty-five inch nearly-seven-year-old is stronger than I am.  I cannot even get him off the ground these days.  HALP! I Ca n Haz Behavior Specialist?

Five Alsos (I could go all day…but I’ll spare you. Maybe)?   Some things really suck to clean up. Like entire bottles of juice dumped on the carpet.  And linoleum.  And baby powder dumped on newly mopped floors.  And popcorn, oatmeal and rice (all dry/pre-cooked) on high pile carpet.  And sugar.  Sugar always sucks.  As does parmesan cheese, shredded cheddar, bread crumbs…

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