Gone to the Dogs


July 31, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

Major doggies hanging out in Chez DG this week.  As in, Wednesday I was dogsitting four dogs. While I’m down to three today, we’ve got us some doggy news.

Turns out we may be adding a puppy to our humble abode.  I’ve scoured rescues and shelters for months, checked out several service dog organizations and interviewed breeders.  I was actually turned down by a few organizations and rescues because we have a dog and they did not feel Bugaboo was old enough to have  a dog (some only place at age eight or older).  Some of the rescues were more expensive than purchasing a puppy.  And while I was committed to rescuing a dog, it is not to be.  Our best bet is to start with a pup that we can train for our specific needs.  Since I have the time and inclination to do this, that is what we are doing.

Enter Charlotte.

Charlotte is a black labradoodle and will be coming home around Labor Day.  We are excited!  Well, those of us that want the dog are excited. Some members of our family that shall remain NAMELESS (husband) aren’t as enthusiastic with the addition.  Still, it feels like the right fit for us.  It feels like the right situation for us.  And eventually, I want to rescue and foster dogs.  It just isn’t possible right now with the issues we are facing with Bugaboo.  I look forward to that day.  It will happen.

Why Charlotte?  There’s a story, as usual.  In fact, a long one. But I’ll keep it brief.  I originally thought I was getting a golden retriever. I was gonna name her Tribble. You know, like “trouble with Tribbles?”   From Star Trek?  Yeah, I am a total dork.  Anyways, that name went out the window with getting a black dog.  Tribbles aren’t black, they are teeny and cute and blondish.  So that name was out.  I thought maybe The Husband should be involved in naming it, you know, since he’s SO THRILLED ABOUT THIS.  The neighbor boy suggested we should name her after a Nascar racetrack.  You know, since we are kinda  into Nascar here.  So we thought BRISTOL!  Perfect!

Except for the whole Bristol Palin thingy.

So, Charlotte it is.  It fits.  It looks like her. She’s perfect.



4 thoughts on “Gone to the Dogs

  1. MemeGRL says:

    Congratulations on your new addition! She’s lovely.

  2. RuthWells says:

    Oh so sweet! We can’t wait to meet Charlotte, and host doggy playdates at our house….

  3. e says:

    Aw – puppy face! We’d be happy to help socialize her 🙂

  4. Merlot says:

    Aw how cute! I’m sure you know poodle don’t shed…so…does that mean the newest member of the family will be a non-shedder?

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