Stuff I Could Really Care Less About (or, STFU Already!)


July 29, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

Seriously?  ENOUGH ALREADY.  I mean it.  There is tons of crap in the world more important than:

  • John and Kate, who they are sleeping with and where they buy new homes
  • Michael Jackson (sucks he’s dead, but still) and the doctor, his ex-wife, the kids, his mother, his father, the mother of Blanket, etc, etc.
  • Jude Law and his fourth illegitimate child
  • The taco dog
  • Olympic Swimmers with wardrobe malfunctions
  • Spats between Tour de France athletes (who are supposed to be professionals and fighting like babies in the school yard)
  • This week’s spoiled brat entering rehab
  • Which movie is being fucked up remade
  • Michael Vick being reinstated
  • Pete Rose and the Hall of Fame and whether or not he deserves to be in it
  • Which celebs got together, which ones split up and which ones are sleeping around
  • Whomever Perez is drawing white dots on this week

Wanna know what I am thinking about?

  • therapy dogs and whether or not we need one or should just start with our own puppy
  • paying bills
  • my husband’s job security
  • whether I’m returning to work or remaining a SAHM
  • My kid running away. Constantly.  Like, he got three blocks away this time.
  • My kid going to a new school and the likely gosh-awfully transition we will all go through.
  • National Healthcare, whether we need it and if it is going to get passed
  • Our sucky-ass economy
  • The new Target they are opening
  • Four dogs in my house today.  FOUR.
  • The dirt pit in my back yard
  • The swamp in my back yard
  • World peace
  • World hunger
  • World orphans
  • Destroying our world
  • Destroying each other
  • potatoes

Yes, I AM SLEEP DEPRIVED.  Why do you ask???

5 thoughts on “Stuff I Could Really Care Less About (or, STFU Already!)

  1. Janice says:

    Baked, mashed, scalloped or fried, any way you make um YUMMMM I LOVE potatoes!

  2. RuthWells says:

    Vodka is made from potatoes, y’know. Just a suggestion. ; )

  3. choosy says:

    clearly I am not keeping up on the recent nonsense, I mean news. What happened to the taco dog!?!?!?
    Oh, well. Maybe I’ll never know, and yet, still die happy…

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