Quit Yer Biatchin’


June 26, 2009 by Marj Hatzell


Just as I complained about never getting to sleep with my husband, the past few nights Bugaboo has slept for four hours in his own bed.  Like clockwork, the kid wakes up just after midnight, slips out of his room, climbs up on our princess-and-the-pea bed and pushes Daddy out.  But at least he’s starting out in there.  Right?  RIGHT?

Seriously, it is better than nothing.

Also, we’ve decided that going on vacation to the family cabin (which is in the middle of a state forest, three hours from home, with no television, telephone or Internet. In other words, it’s HEAVEN.) is a bad idea, since Bugaboo has run away, oh, six or seven times this week?  We’re having a staycation instead.  Like, we’re staying home.  Sleeping in. Ignoring the doorbell when the neighborhood kids ring it.  Because they will. Ring it, that is.  ‘Cause my house is THAT ONE in the neighborhood where all the kids hang out.  They play in my yard, catch fireflies, have water gun fights, you name it.

I’m not actually that sad about not going to the forest.  I know, that was a double negative.  But what I’m trying to say is that there is no place like home. I can do serious potty training (which is going very well!), sleep in my own bed, SLEEP IN, take NAPS and sleep. Did I mention sleep?  I’m also not cooking.  See, vacation is only a fun time for THREE people in my family. Four if you count the dog. Momma gets no break, yo.  Staying home is a real treat. I plan on doing nothing.  Then I might take the kids for swim lessons and hang at the pool.  Then I might play stoopid online games.  And play with photoshop. And take naps.   And sit around doing nothing.  ‘Cause, sitting?  That’s a vacation. I don’t get to do that new-fangled sitting thingy.

I’ll keep you posted on just how much relaxing goes on here. In the meantime, T-minus six hours until DH is on vacay and heads home.  HUZZAH!

2 thoughts on “Quit Yer Biatchin’

  1. Kelly says:

    I hope your staycation is a blast. perhaps it should include a trip out for sushi with some fun-type local blogger gals?

    Are you going to Kristin’s on Sunday?

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