A Penny For Your Thoughts, Part B


June 8, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

You asked, I’m answering (OH NO SHE DI’INT!)

Yes, she did.  Now pipe down so I can finish!

HG asks:

When are we getting together again?

The sooner the better. One of these days I’m gonna get off my duff and host THE ULTIMATE BLOGGY GAL WINE, CHEESE AND GAME NIGHT!!!!  Wanna come?  If not, there’s always IKEA.  I hear they have potatoes there.

My Sister asks:

Where do babies come from? hahahahaha. Seriously, dreamt you were waiting on the doc to call because you were pretty sure you were pg. Now, knowing that would probably NOT be the best thing for you….are you planning another baby? Random questions:
Do you believe in karma?
Would you be ticked if I ran off and got married and didn’t tell anyone? For real this time…
Do you feel alienated from Mom during her mental struggles?
Would you be surprised if I told you that I am struggling with not being able to have any more kids?
What do you REALLY think of my boyfriend? LOL

Good lord, Woman!  But here are my answers.  I’ll try to be succinct:

Babies come from Walmart, everyone knows that.  I’m not planning on having anymore.  I don’t want to bleed to death. And my husband doesn’t want me to, either, for some strange reason.

I don’t believe in Karma, I just believe in me.

I would be totally ticked if you ran off.  If you planned it and we just had a small family thing (as in, just immediates!) that would be fine.  But you have to do what you want to do (Don’t run away don’t run away don’t run away).

I don’t feel alienated from Mom and her mental issues, I just do what I can do  and accept it. I know it isn’t always two-sided, but I’m ok with that. I know she means well. She can’t help it.

I am not surprised you are struggling about not being able to have more kids. That makes three of us (our other sister, too.).

I think your boyfriend is awesome because (a) he loves you and , (2) he likes sci fi (or tolerates it, one of the two) and (D) is a former band geek. But once a band geek always a band geek.

AG asks (again):

How come she keeps suggesting getting married?

I don’t know.  But I’ll kick her ass if she does.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

Harpofan asks:

You seem to care dearly for everyone in your life. If you could do something special for yourself what would it be and why?

Something special for me?  I’d love, love, love to go someplace for a few days.  Just me.  Just to sleep when I wanted to sleep, watch what I wanted to watch, eat when and what I want to eat, dress or not dress, shower or not shower, shop without someone asking me to buy something and take a walk without keeping someone else’s pace. I have never, ever lived on my own. Ever. I went right to the parentals’ to DH’s and never looked back. Not that I regret it, and I do cherish my family, but I need some peace and quiet.  Sure would be nice to have.  But knowing me, I’d have enough after two days and would high-tail it home.  I live for my family.  And besides, my life is never boring.  Silence might be boring and that would totally ruin the fantasy for me and why would I want to ruin my wildest fantasy?  I don’t.

So instead I think I’d like to spend the day at the spa getting pampered (pedicure, facial, massage), have a nice lunch, chat with some friends and come home refreshed and happy to see my cherubs.  And then spend the rest of the night playing online Scrabble games and watching dumb people on Yoo Toob.

There you have it. You asked, I told.  Sorry you asked?

9 thoughts on “A Penny For Your Thoughts, Part B

  1. lora says:

    you know, I’m terrible at asking people questions. My tactic is to share a little bit too much about myself and see what the other person shares about themselves.

    Now you know my secret.

    I’ve been thinking about something to ask you for two weeks now, or however long it’s been. I’m the pits.

  2. BOSSY says:

    Sweet. Bossy hopes hopes hopes you get away by yourself some day real soon. You are deserving.

  3. HG says:

    Of course I wanna come!

  4. Geek Chick says:

    You – away. Me – with the boys? It’s possible. Just need some instruction. Let me know. Of course, J has to be there to help 🙂 And Bugaboo hearts him.

    NOT running away. Just wondering why it’s such a big deal. Promise to share date and time – WILL be very low key and informal. Not into the big dress again. Yuck. Look for it in a year or so.

    • My personal opinion (and it is just my opinion) is that people run away to get married when they either know their family doesn’t approve; they are doing something manic, risky and impulsive; they are too young and don’t know squat; they have something to hide.

      Again, just my opinion.

      To me, sharing your marriage with family and friends that really matter, who want to be there to witness and share your love (and support you), is the way to do it. Marriage should start out with families coming together and getting to know one another.

      • Geek Chick says:

        What about “they are old and don’t want to make it look like they are trying to be something they are not”? Or, “they know they can’t ask everyone to get together at the same time and are trying to avoid the headache of planning a big wedding”?

  5. Heather says:

    Ooooo! I lived by myself once after I kicked a boyfriend out when we had been broken up for awhile. I had no roommates or anything! It was fabulous and I felt so free.

  6. Maddy says:

    Don’t know about the spa but I’d certainly opt for the sleep choice, preferably without little tweety birds outside the window.

  7. Jacki says:

    Nope, not afraid I asked my question. 🙂 I loved reading all of your responses. I like people who don’t hide who they really are.

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