This Makes Me Want to Hurt People


May 28, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

I just found out, five minutes ago, that the school district may have dropped the ball in getting Bugaboo’s referral out to the private school of our choice. Which means it is very likely that he won’t get in there and will be placed on a waiting list. Which means he’ll have to go to the crappy public program until he gets into the private school.  Which means I’m going to scratch someone’s eyes out.

Do not cross Momma Bear. DO. NOT.

12 thoughts on “This Makes Me Want to Hurt People

  1. MemeGRL says:

    Oh, that is NOT cool. Here’s hoping it all works out.

  2. Jacki says:

    That sucks. I know I’d be mad and out to kick some butt!

  3. RuthWells says:

    Oh crappity crap. Can you get the school district to man up and pull some strings with the private school, seeing as it’s their freakin’ fault?!

  4. HG says:

    OMG. What fuckwits.

  5. lora says:

    this seems to be a huge problem with so many people I know lately. WTF is people’s problems? If you can’t do your job, get a job that doesn’t effect people’s lives

  6. She Started It says:

    That’s hideous. Kick some school ass.

  7. Stay calm. Let’s find out what happened before we send in the AG clown posse.

  8. friend says:

    You should call someone you know who might have some in-district connections to get information maybe that could help you in such a way that that person, who you may or may not know who has some in-district connections, will not get in trouble.

    • Found some interesting stuff out today, I did. So, the school district did send the referral. The problem is that the Special Ed Pupil Services person who was following Bugaboo’s case left on maternity leave and is not due back until August. In the meantime, the already-overwhelmed director of Special Services left it to his secretary, who is miserable on the phone, and seemed offended that I followed up on it. They have the times and dates that everything was mailed and faxed, so I know they did it, I just wish someone else had been assigned that could keep me updated.

      Devereux has his referral. Thing is, I kept pressing them to get the referral in before spring break. Because it didn’t get in, the one spot they had got filled. Now Devereux has 4 spots open, high school level, and they are trying to get approval to move them to kindergarten. I am praying they do. Bugaboo is technically first grade but would be in that class. If not, I am praying the district sees it my way, will help me get a temporary placement (not the sucky public program at Francis Harvey Green) and get him on a waiting list at Devereux.

      The good news? Bugaboo is being observed by Devereux last week. It’s true! The squeaky wheel DOES get the grease!

  9. Gwen Jackson says:

    Okay – that really sucks. But I see that he’s going to be “observed by Devereux”, so that’s good. I hope whatever happens your son gets the help and education he needs. You’re a great mama bear!

  10. Geek Chick says:

    Ummm, update please?

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