I’m Afraid of Rhubarb


May 21, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

This week was our very first week of the local CSA.  We are super-fortunate to live in an area where CSAs are plentiful.  The one I belong to (and host!  Hooray fresh veggies!) has grown from a measly handful of shares to several hundred this year, with sites in five states.  Even in this economic downturn, the hippies are jockeying for their greens.  And the squirrels are waiting with their beady little eyes and their upturned noses and their buck teeth to privately  make their way onto my porch and pinch a few pears or potatoes (see?  Alliteration!).

Rhubarb. One of our first items this year is Rhubarb.  And I’m afraid to make anything out of it.  Because?  Well, because It’s leaves are toxic to humans (hooray for oxalic acid!), it’s notoriously difficult to work with and it is tart. And it’s red.  And you have to, like, cook it.  And.  And.  (Excuses, excuses!)

And, How ’bout that Idol Final?  Never would have guessed. Never, ever. My guess was that Guyliner would win, not boy-next-door.  But whatevs. Not like I care.  The second place winner often goes on to do bigger and better things.  Hello!  Clay!  Hello! Justin!  Okaaaaay. Not Justin.  But Clay!  And other people!  Like Katherine!  Or some other people!

Sorry. Sidebar.

Anyways, I end up with stuff I never thought I’d eat in my whole life.  And I consider myself a veggie lover.  A Vegaholic.  A Veginator.  I eat salad like it’s going out of style. I eat raw fruits and veggies as snacks. Heck, I grew up in a house where there were only nofrills canned peas and carrots.  I’ve come a long way!  I eat Asparagus!  Broccoli!  Spinach!  Kale!  I nearly eat mushrooms (never on purpose)!  I eat zucchini!  Eggplant!  Tomaters!  POTATOES!

But not rhubarb.

I know, I know.  Live life dangerously. Try something new.  In this house?  The so-ritualistic-it’s-OCD-house?  The house where we count our steps, wash ourselves in the same order and use new utensils and plates for EACH pile of food (no casseroles here!).  And you want us to TRY SOMETHING NEW?

Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “I’m Afraid of Rhubarb

  1. Perky says:

    I felt the same way three weeks ago with our first rhubarb shipment of the year, but guess what? It’s easy!!!!

    Google “Easy Rhubarb Pie” and “Easy Rhubarb Crisp”. Really – there are some frighteningly simple recipes out there! Use a store-bought crust to make it really easy! And make sure you’ve got some vanilla ice cream on hand, too — it goes great with rhubarb!!!

  2. MemeGRL says:

    I have links on my blog to an awesome rhubarb crumble. Really, really easy and spectacularly good.
    And if you don’t want to bother, I will cheerfully trade you anything in my share for your rhubarb!

  3. Melanie says:

    I didn’t like it either, but now I look for it because it pairs wonderfully with strawberries in pie and crisp! And I love all things that involve strawberries.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I lOVE LOVE LOVE rhubarb!!!! IF you need help eating it, just let me know. We still need to schedule that movie date. 🙂

  5. Janice says:

    It scares me too! I also wont eat Poke Greens because if you dont boil and rinse them correctly they are poisonous. Im a sissy.

  6. HG says:

    If you share it with me, I’ll make you rhubarb crisp 🙂

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