April 24, 2009 by Marj Hatzell



1. disposed to be silent or not to speak freely; reserved.
2. reluctant or restrained.

1. taciturn, quiet, uncommunicative.

1. talkative, voluble.

I have no idea what my big phat problem is today, but I cannot form ideas into coherent sentences.  Perhaps it is because I talked my arse off on Wednesday?  I so wish…my arse is part of my problem today. As in, I’ve tried on eleven pairs of pants and not one of them goes past my rump, let alone buttons over my waist.    I’m a bit pevish today, to say the least.  So you are stuck with this:

Have a weekend.

3 thoughts on “Reticent

  1. Me says:

    “Reticent” is NOT a word I would EVER have used to describe you.

  2. Gwen Jackson says:

    Tears for Fears is great but I am sort of ruined on them for life. My high school played that Everybody Wants To Rule The World song every morning before homeroom. Now whenever I hear it, I get this overwhelming sense of dread.

    P.S. Women all over are doing a collective sigh about the size of their ass. Me too, but I’m trying to learn how to live in my skin and love it as is. I truly believe we can’t be healthy, physically or emotionally, without that. I hope you find peace with yourself this week and always : ) And for what it’s worth – I think you’re lovely, inside and out.

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