Audience Participation: Eat and Mooooooove


April 15, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

Alrighty then. I need your help.

Since November of last year (as in, six months ago) I have gained nearly twenty pounds. As in eighteen.  As in ten plus eight, for those of you not good at math. Now, someone my size and stature shows every ounce, I kid you not.  And I know some of you are saying, “WHAT EVS!  YOU ARE STILL SKINNIER THAN I AM!”  But this has nothing to do with skinny. This has everything to do with I FEEL LIKE TOTAL CRAP.

My pants don’t button.  My shirts are getting tight. Heck, I even feel like my shoes are smaller. I feel like a blob of blah, have no energy and no motivation. I need some sort of an intervention.

Please, motivate me to start eating better and start moving.  Bathing suit season is just around the corner.  I know I need to cut out the sugar and the refined foods and get some weight exercises and stretch more.  I’ve been doing this for years and I know what works for me. I just ain’t doing it.

So.  Please share.  How do you stave off the comfort eating and munchies?  What do you do when you are craving sugar?  How do you get toning exercises in?  Do I need to go back to the gym?  And am I kidding myself and just need to be patient and perhaps GET MORE SLEEP to solve my problem?

Thank you.  In the meanwhile, here’s the haircut I got yesterday to help me feel better about myself:


Yup. I went from shoulder lenghth to freaking short. But I love it. And my husband actually noticed this time.

10 thoughts on “Audience Participation: Eat and Mooooooove

  1. natalie says:

    i am the same way! i need to lose about 20 pounds. actually i would love to lose about 35, but i would be happy with 20. i know what works, what’s worked in the past, and yet here i sit wondering what’s for lunch. i got issues!

  2. MemeGRL says:

    I wish I had suggestions. I can comfort you with that I haven’t noticed! But that doesn’t take away how you feel, which is what’s important.
    Honestly? It’s spring. I bet it’ll get better.

  3. Eric Hegwer says:

    Ok you are going to hate me. I think I gave you those 18. See, I’ve lost exactly that much since the beginning of the year.

    The secret – Drink 8-17 glasses of water a day.

  4. pkzcass says:

    I’m right there with you. The only thing I can say is that I agree with MemeGRL…it’s spring so that’s gotta help. Get the comfort foods out of the house (she says as she can’t wait for her noodle pudding at lunch). My next step? Skim milk. Gonna switch to that and see what happens. Probably nothing since I’ll have to put double the amount of chocolate syrup in it to make it palatable.

    Oh, and Eric? You can have your 8-17 glasses of water. Do you have toilet strapped to your butt? Cause I’d sure need one if I drank that much.

  5. Merlot says:

    When I crave sugar I either a) eat a small amount of candy or b) make kettle corn on the stove so I can contol the amt of sugar and oil. I also have NO snack foods in the house and like others have said..water.

  6. RuthWells says:

    I’m in the same place you are, give or take a few pounds. I’d love to exercise, too, if only I had the TIME!!

  7. Muffy says:

    Hey DG! I teach aerobics and do some personal training and have to say, that it’s my experience that getting as much rest as possible will be a key to losing those extra pounds. In your house, it’d probably be easier to get in gym workout than a good night’s sleep, but yeah. Sleep.

    My husband has great luck planning out his meals and snacks every day, but I’m not that organized!

  8. BOSSY says:

    The haircut is adorable. The weight thing: eh. It fluctuates. Life.

  9. lora says:

    ugh. This is happening to me too. It blows. I’m still thin, but I feel like one of those water worm things that you buy at the dollar stores on the boardwalk. All wiggly and jiggly and soft and mushy.
    I’m trying to be good, and be intentional about everything that goes in my mouth but it isn’t easy.

    I think my metabolism is shifting, and I don’t like it one bit.

    I’m so glad you came over last night. It was great meeting you and I’m thrilled that I’m not scared of your blog anymore!

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